Sunday, December 20, 2015

Winter Arrived December 20, 2015

Well, winter finally arrived this week ~ more or less.  While people up the trail north of us were receiving lots of snow, we would get some snow, then it would rain.  So, after this happening off and on all day, we have a white icy mess that set up with a couple of days of near 0 temperatures.  But, we will have a white Christmas now ~ anyway.
The dog and I have been making tracks around my trails for the past few days ~ trying to get it sort of decent to walk on.  It had been punchy as it crusted on top.  We had about 6" of snow that set just hard enough for a dog or fox to walk on top.  Not so lucky for this human!  Do you know what punching through the snow does to ones' leg muscles when you do that for a few miles!?
I will be waiting for a few more inches of "nice" snow on top of this, now, so I can start skiing.  I always enjoy that.  I have been trying to clear all the branches and litter off the trails as I walk around each day now so I don't have that to run over when we do get more snow.
The other plus has been all the big waves from several directions this past week.  It has been great for making ice formations on the shore of Lake Superior.  These two were taken on different days as I have been out and about.  Now that we finally are getting interesting ice formations ~ it means I should probably get down to the shore for some sunrise shots showing off the pretty ice too.   It's sure nice to have different views on some of them.  Winter is still my favorite time of the year to get interesting scenery shots.  Adding the big waves to that is a close second.
Of course, critters in winter scenery is nice too as there often aren't so many distractions.  So ~ I guess I will have plenty to keep me busy for a while.  The usual winter critters are showing up these days.
In fact, yesterday ~ I had just put some treats out for my favorite deer friend.  I saw that she was happy and nibbling away at her food.  So, I came in and sat down and was just turning to face my computer when BANG!!  One of the other deer had just shown up and was going to chase Shadow out of her spot.  She ran right into the basement window and wall.  Jeez!  I darned near went right out of my chair.  Those two have been around here for just over 8 years now ~ both being 8 1/2 years old.   You wouldn't think they would have to run into the house........would you.  Nothing got broken ~ so, that was a good thing.  Me and my friends.......we have an interesting life up here.
Anyway ~ I have pretty much gotten ready for Christmas and I have gotten lots of work done on my web site now.......just because I can.  So.......lefse to be made on the 24th and get through the Christmas holidays.......then ~ on to other "exciting" things to take us into the new year.
So......if I don't get back on before Christmas ~ Merry Christmas everyone!  :)

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