Monday, July 14, 2014

July 14, 2014 Random Thoughts...........

Here is a photo of Zoe and her fawn, taken a couple of days ago.  She had twins......but, I have been seeing only one fawn with her for some time now.  So, whether the resident bear got the other....or, she has been taking turns with them, I'm not sure yet.  We had seen both of the twins with her quite a few, I am guessing one went missing.  She has a history where that is the 7 years of her life.  She has learned a lot of hard lessons in those 7 years.  Evidently, she has "learned" something from them.....because she is still here.  The life of a deer isn't always easy.  But, she knows when she has it good too.  She sure knows she has friends here.  She will never be as "tame" as Shadow, but...she likes also being a "special" deer around here. 
It is a spring of many deer friends around, for sure.  Shadow's family gets bigger all the time.  Those girls have been born and raised here.  They have learned it is a safe place to be, most of the time.  This spring....I think the bears are more of a problem for the deer than the wolves are.  And, yes.....I really said that.  There surely was no shortage of wolves around this winter.......that went on and on and on.  However, since all the snow disappeared, finally, they have been keeping a low profile.....which is perfectly fine with me. 
I have been keeping pretty busy lately.......all things considered.  But,   I haven't written on here for a while because I knew I would get a real grump on!  I am generally a really upbeat, positive, cheerful person........all of that good stuff you know!  However!!......lately, I am getting to the point of almost being grumpy.  This stinkin' grey rainy weather every day and bugs so thick you just about go honestly getting the best of me.  I have so much outside stuff I not only need to do but actually enjoy doing......but, can't do it because of all the standing water and soft ground.  This is even on the higher ground.  Over half of my yard has not been mowed the first time this year.......because of water standing and the fact I will get the big mower stuck trying.  I did decide to try to get a trip around the trails yesterday so maybe it would be more enjoyable to walk on them without being wet up to where and bugs annoying me.  Hubby said.....oh yeah, wet....but, you won't get stuck!  Famous last words.  I am pretty sure I knew better.  However, I couldn't think of anything else to do and the weather looked iffy enough I didn't want to head inland to a lake and get poured on again (besides the fact it was too windy for the paddleboard or kayak)  so off I went. spun out on every little thing, hung up on the roots that cross trails you generally just bounce over, got stuck in a few others and then, almost buried itself in a couple places where I really packed the wood chips in damp places last year.  Between the mud and the bugs.....oh, and not to mention a few new trees that have blown down since my last walkabout back there......I was not in particularly good humor when I finally got back in the yard with the mower.  But.....I did make it.  It won't be getting a trip to widen the path any time soon tho.  As I told my husband.....that would have been enough to make a preacher swear!  I can only imagine what color the air would have been had he tried that walk with the mower yesterday!
Here is a photo I took on the beach where Toby and I went late in the afternoon while the sky was still pretty and the sun was shining between the clouds.  I generally don't post these because I always feel there is something lacking there.  There are little drainages that come down off the banks and run onto the beaches and to the lake.  Some, like this, aren't big.  But, they have little drops and look pretty running over the rocks.  I just can never get them to look like I think they should.  But, here is a look at one anyway.
There is a tree that is very crooked that grows out of the bank near this too.  I finally posted one of the shots on my Facebook page yesterday.  But, that is the same issue.  It is a really cool tree.  But, it is right along the bank and hard to get a view of it that looks like anything.  Some of those things are easier said than done, for sure. 
Anyway.....we had a nice time on the beach and Toby fetched sticks and swam like crazy.  Then, the rain clouds came in and we just beat them home when the rain started to come down again.  As I mentioned, it just doesn't seem to quit this year.
One thing that has been surprising tho........radishes!  I have never had such large, big, juicy radishes.  They aren't getting strong or woody.  But, world class big radishes.  I should take a photo of some before I cut the tops off.  The lettuce is doing quite nicely these days too. The garden has been slow in many respects....but, hopefully it will produce something.  We have raised beds with good drainage in them but, even so, many of the potatoes rotted rather than growing.  We shall see.
Here is one of my experiments from a day to the bog.  And yes....there is a lot of water in it this year.  I wore Teva sandals and ratty jeans I didn't mind getting yucked up in there to take photos.   The orchids and other pretty bog plants like this pitcher plant blossom, are all doing well this year.  This day, I had taken the mini camera which is over 20 MPs and used it to hold under the blossom and take the photo of it from the underside.  It is only 3-4" above the moss at this point.  They don't get taller and turn sideways for a while yet.  I got some interesting shots of them doing this that I thought were pretty neat.  The dragon's mouth orchids that grow there are always one of my favorites.  So,'s a good year for the bog life.
I have just about got the Hovland Arts Festival all put to bed for another year.  I still have to pay the musicians.  That comes after all the bills are in since they are kind enough to pay for free.  They get their tips and some of what is left over from the raffle monies that come in. 
I also went in and volunteered at the Grand Marais Art Fair over the weekend as a person to give the artists there a break.  That was fun and interesting.  I met a number of new people and saw a lot of people I don't see so often anymore, now that I am retired.  It was a good day and I walked a lot of miles.  Of course, I enjoyed seeing what the artists had to offer....including the photography there. 
Now......if someone would just shut off the rain faucet for a bit.  Happy medium would be good!