Sunday, January 22, 2017

January 22, 2017 The New Year Has Begun!

I've been out and about lately.   This mild weather in January is just strange.  Oh ~ we always have a January thaw.  We have for years.   However, days on end of so much gray, mist, rain, fog, ice melt ~ well ~ I'm frustrated.   I love being out taking photos of the winter ice formations.  It is one of my favorite times of the year to take photos ~ unless it's critters!   I love doing critters.  But, you can't always find them.   Just as I would find neat ice, it either melts or gets beaten off the rocks by all the big waves Lake Superior is having pretty regularly this winter.   So, we get what we get.   But, I love pretty ice.
Here's some pretty ice that usually develops in the corner of this little bay in the winter.   We had some waves that day too!   A pretty day to be out and checking shoreline ice.   I have always wished I could capture a better sundown in my "neck of the woods."   So much of the shoreline is angled wrong to catch sunset here.  Everything is in the shade before the sun gets far enough down for sunset  colors.   I have managed it here a few times.  But, usually, doesn't work well.
This spot is one of the few places I can get some decent sunsets in my area.   It is limited; as even here, the sun goes down too far to the north to be able to get any of the scenery in the sunset itself.   It's a good go to for big waves too.   However, it is nice to be able to get a bit more scenic variation for the different  weather and sunrise/sunset colorations .   Some of the photographers, on the shore, will drive a long way for a sunrise.   I have a hard time getting out in the wee hours of the morning on a chance something might happen.  10 miles is one thing.   A two hour drive is something else.   I usually get up early, look at the weather, and then ~ I decide if I will go somewhere.   On winters we have good ice on the shore, I don't need much convincing.   We still have time to get some ice on the shore ~ but, I'd be kidding you if I said we'd get it for sure.   Time will tell.   At present, we have a lot of black rocks showing completely bare of snow and ice.   And, did I mention ~ it's raining!   How many days in a row now!!  And, not even freezing at night.........

I was down the shore on Thursday.   As you can see ~ not much left of any ice or snow on the shore.  I don't get down here all that often so when I do ~ and all the beautiful ice is gone, it is disappointing.   However, always one to look at the bright side ~ look at the beautiful reflecting pools in the rocks of the shoreline.  If the snow and ice hadn't melted, I couldn't take shots like this!  So ~ there is always a plus for every negative!   It was 40 degrees (on Jan. 19th) and I didn't have a hat on or gloves!   Jacket zipped open!  Just a wow kind of an afternoon.   I don't mind some warm days ~ honest.   But, I would prefer my warm days to not go over 28 degrees!
I will leave you with a sunset from last week.   It was amazing.  Sun was blood red and going down....