Wednesday, November 29, 2017

November 29, 2017 Winter has arrived

Winter has arrived on the North Shore.   I have been keeping busy.   Nothing like some waves and ice to keep me occupied.   The gales of November will always keep me running to the shore of Lake Superior to see what they are creating.   Heck, they started in October this year.   Some of the waves were absolutely amazing already then.
Some of the waves this week have been pretty darned amazing too.  Three days in a row, I had just awesome waves to watch.   I'll tell you, I never know when to stop when I get out there on this type of days.  There is just always one more big wave to catch up with.
I did miss a few days out there with Thanksgiving and the Hovland Arts Festival all in a row.  But, I seldom miss much on that big lake.   She is just too inviting, with all her moods, to miss out on ~ even for one day.
Here's another particularly fun wave I captured yesterday when I was out and about.  The wind was just howling so the spray blowing off the tops of those big waves was just as amazing as the waves themselves were.  I love to have this sort of thing going on at sunset.  It was pretty obvious we weren't going to have any sun shining thru at sunset yesterday tho.  
Well, now that all the big projects ~ and little ones ~ are put to bed for the season, maybe I can get around to thinking about my blog a little more often again.   The deer are starting to show up.   I have some orphaned triplets to take care of and hopefully get thru the winter.  There is always something going on.  I just have to sit down long enough to "write about it!!"
And ~ with that, I will leave you with one more photo.
Another day this week ~ colors were to die for.   So were the waves!