Friday, December 11, 2015

A Strange December ~ December 11, 2015

Now that I have broadband, after all these years, I have actually been working on some projects just because I can.  I have also been going through some photos I hadn't looked at in a while ~ because, in amongst them, there are a few treasures.  This one of the butterfly I had kept because I did like the butterfly.  I was pretty sure that was spotted knapweed, which is noxious, rather than a thistle.  So, I wasn't sure people would appreciate the nasty weed. Also a wasp there.......   But you know, some things are just hard to delete.  I have gotten much better at that "delete" part than I used to be though.  That brings me to the strange December and why I happen to be working on this stuff and my web site now.  We have had more rain than usual for the month of December ~ even tho, for a good many years now, we have had a December thaw to ice everything up for the duration.  But, all the rain and gray and MUD!!!  Did you hear that ~ MUD!  Oh jeez........ but I am so sick of mud all over everything.  We should have frozen ground.  Oh, I still get out and get in all my walks with the dog and such.  But, I have spent a bit more time on my computer than I have in a while because of the mud.
Now, because I can, I have even added galleries to my web site.  That is kind of nice if someone is looking for a particular subject.  You don't have to look at all the photos to get to the subject you are interested in now.  I am not done.  Have to do  "ice" and "sunsets" yet.  If you have never looked at my web site ~ it is  Check it out and tell me what you think.
I added a few bird photos to my site and galleries this week.  Some of these make for interesting cards and pillows besides just wall art.  People are open to doing a lot of different things with wildlife art these days.  I could decorate my whole house with wildlife art and "critters" and be quite pleased with myself.  Just in case, mind you, there weren't any outside for me to look at at the time.  That generally isn't the case tho.
Here is a photo of interest I took ~ just because I rarely get decent looks at good sized bucks with their antlers in velvet.  This one also had a strange rack in that he had a brow tine and no other points on the right side.  The "girls" were very busy getting acquainted with the big guy too.  That was amusing to watch since it wasn't the season and nothing going on.  They were all beside themselves showing off for him tho.  :)
Of course, you know I would have foxes on my site ~ and, a fox gallery.  I have so many fox photos even I can't believe it.  Sometimes, it's hard to know when enough is enough.  Some are pretty dang cute.  Some are even X rated!  Oh my.  But, I have tried to be very picky about what shots I put on there and not get too carried away. 
Today is another one of those very gray December days.  It actually had dropped below 32 degrees so some spots were just a bit frozen this morning.  Betsy wasn't completely covered with mud.  There was still mud tho.  I wish I had thought to document how many nights we have had, already this month, that didn't freeze at night.  Just strange.  One person on the shore told me they had just picked some kale out of their garden again.  Unheard December.
Well ~ back to some gray day work until the next adventure with Betsy.........


  1. As usual, absolutely gorgeous pictures!

  2. I love the butterfly picture! I had no idea what kind of flower that was and did not notice the wasp until you mentioned it :)