Tuesday, September 13, 2016

September 13, 2016 Autumn is coming!

Fall is coming ~ we just never quite know when it will happen.  It is the season to start getting those things done that we need done before winter sets in.   A few of the maples are coloring up and some of the leaves falling already.  The last of the late summer flowers, like the asters above, are blooming nicely.   The deer have almost all gotten their winter brown coats on now.   Yes, it's coming.
I have been out trying to get all the trail work done, even tho it is quite a bit warmer and more humid than I appreciate when doing that work.  I made a lot of miles yesterday, between walking dogs, trail work so the mower could pass and then, mowing itself.  The trees just keep coming down this year.  Lots of wind.   I manhandle anything I can off the trails ~ like rotten birches that keep falling!  They aren't light, but ~ many will break off or are able to be pulled off trails.  Same with popples or balsam.  I don't like having to chainsaw them as so many are rotten and dirty in there, all they do is make dull chainsaws in a hurry.   But, there is never a shortage of solid downed trees that need to be cut up to move either.  Got a good start on mowing yesterday ~ more to come!
Here is a current shot of Shadow.  You can sort of see the white spot over her left eye ~ tho the angle isn't good.   She has been really mushy lately and liking her attention.   She is 9 1/2  years old now.  She has more time to hang around and be friendly these days as she, along with a good many other does, lost their this years' fawns to the wolves.  I should add, Shadow has never lost her fawns to the wolves before.  They have all made it at least to one year of age.  Her first born was gotten by the wolves just before she turned two.  The wolves have not gone away this summer.  We have seen them, on average, once a week.  Sorry to say ~ that is too often.  I'm not a wolf hater, never have been ~ but, they sure are getting way too much confidence about being in people's yards, up close and personal, since there are no consequences these days.  I do have a problem with that.  Just about everyone up here has pets.   Some have small children.  I saw one of the wolves come out of their driveway one day about 4 p.m. when Betsy and I were taking a quick walk.  One of their chickens went missing that same day.   It's an accident waiting to happen.
Since there has been a lot of wind, there has been a lot of waves too.   This is a time of year a lot of people are still trying to fish on Lake Superior.   The big waves haven't helped that.  They weren't real big yet this particular day ~ but, they are working on it.  Way bigger than what makes pleasant fishing.
The gardens have been doing well.  It is so nice to just walk out to the garden, this time of year, and pick what you want to eat that evening and have it nice and fresh.  I really would enjoy being able to pick veggies year around.   But, that would be hard living here ~ and I like living here!
Betsy is doing well these days.   She sure is always ready for a new adventure.   Toby really did teach her well.   These days, we are walking dogs too ~ so, she gets lots of canine companionship, which she enjoys.
I've been keeping busy and haven't been too inclined to sit down and write.   I have thought about a few good political rants.  That may still happen.  But, I will leave it for another day.  The circus that is politics these days always keep you listening.   I still find it strange that the two people we have to vote for are so unpopular.  It boggles my mind that anyone with a brain would ever vote for Hillary ~ given her and her husband's 30 years of treachery and deceit ~ and lying!!!  Honestly, I can't believe the Democrats couldn't find someone better than that.  I've said it before, I'll say it again ~ it'll be a cold day in Hell before I'd ever vote for Hillary!  And, with that said, I better quit before I get a full blown rant going.......