Sunday, December 14, 2014

December 14, 2014 Not so minor irritations.....

I am straying from my usual subjects today.  I see this stuff on the news every day and read it in the online newsfeeds as well.  But, I need to anyone else, out there, getting as tired of, as I am,  being blamed for every injustice ever done a black person.  Lately, all the media.....especially on television, seems to do is blame the whites for everything.  Now, it seems to me it is high time that some of these people pick themselves up and quit whining and do something.  There are so many options out there, these days, for people who are truly interested in doing something or making something of themselves.  You don't have to be black, or any other color, to be down on your luck.  But, if we have the gumption, we pick ourselves up and make something of ourselves....whatever that may be, instead of blaming every one else  for it.
This is not an example of how to behave when you think the people of this country are against you.  I think that a good many people in the U.S.A. have bent over backwards to treat all people like they matter, no matter what color they are.  This doesn't show appreciation for anything.
The parents of this "gentle giant" have the nerve to go around blaming everyone else for what happened to their kid.  Maybe they should have taken the time to teach him some manners and decency for other people before this happened.  Running to the U.N. about it after the fact doesn't help him one bit.  There are videos, out there, ......I've seen them, of their kid beating up an older man to take away his back pack.  Other "blacks" were standing around.  Not a one helped that man stand up to this "kid."  I think the verdict delivered was just.  The cop was doing his job.
This behavior most certainly won't make people think better of you and whether that cop did the right thing.  You don't take a bad situation and make it worse by doing things like this.
There has been so much bad behavior in the area of Ferguson, not to mention some other areas lately,  to protest, it is absolutely unbelievable.  The media usually only manages to tell the parts of the story they want tho.  They do not, at any point, tell the rest of the story.  Maybe they should start.  By rabble rousing and race baiting, they are not making a bad situation better or helping it in any way.

Last but not least, the most guilty of the race-baiters are Sharpton, Obama and Holder.  These men have high profiles in this country.  And, what are they doing to make it better for "their" people in this country?  Not a darned thing.  These men should be ashamed of themselves, big time.  Two of the three, anyway, are educated men.  They should know better.  They could have done a lot to make things better for people of all colors while in office.  Instead, they choose to be racist loud mouths that do nothing but instill hatred and bigotry all over the country.  Intelligent people should be very disgusted with them for their behaviors. 
I have known a lot of people over the years.  I have met people from a number of countries and I have known people of several colors and races.  They were all decent, hard working people.  They didn't sit around and whine about how they have been treated over the years.  People, history can show you a lot of things.  You can either learn from it .......or not.  This has been a good example of how not to behave.  Racism is never going to be pretty.  However, as I see it, the most of it is coming from the blacks these days.  They seem to be the most racist persons around.
I hope I live to see the day when people can treat people decently, as people!  Not as what color they are....but people.  When we start doing that, we may have a chance to make this country a decent place again.....for everyone.  People can stand up for themselves and say....I did that!.....and be proud of whatever it was they did.