Thursday, May 8, 2014

May 8, 2014 Change of Pace.......Change of Weather........

Lots of changes going on this week.  Mostly good, even!  :)  Above, is Miz Spectacles.  She returned from wherever she got chased to a few days ago.  I was happy to see her.  She's thinner since she went missing all that time.....if you recall, I thought she had finally run out of luck and the wolves got her.  She was just as happy to see me as I was her.  She hung around all afternoon the day she got back and was following me so close it was hard to even take her picture.  The next morning when Toby and I were coming back from our early walk, her little buck fawn followed us up the driveway, which he often does if he arrives "late for breakfast" and there was mom waiting.  I got both some treats and she promptly whacked him with her front it was his fault she hadn't seen him in a while.  Anyway, she's a beautiful girl and I'm glad she's back.
Here's a guy who makes us chuckle.  I tend to call him Tall Guy......because he is.  He isn't all that old, probably 3 or 4.  However, he stands much taller than the older bucks around.  We had a Tall Boy a few years back.  But, since he isn't around any more, I guess that could be his name.....Tall Guy it is.  He is so funny because he has been around all winter.  He came after he was shed, so I don't know what he wears.  However, he likes to just stand around and observe.  He has also learned that if you stand in the window and watch me long enough, I will probably feel sorry for you and bring you something to eat!  This is what he is doing here...:).  When I am outside, he will follow me around feeding Shadow, or Miz Spectacles or one of the other really tame deer.  He stands usually about 3' from me and watches very intently.  Now and then....just for kicks and giggles, I reach over and rub Shadow's neck and ears for her, which she dearly loves.  He will always back off when I do that and the heck!  But, he really likes his cracked corn so he has gotten to be quite the buddy.  The whole corn will do in a pinch......but, standing here looking has its rewards.
I have been out exploring some of the rivers this week......depending on snow conditions.  The trail up to the high falls on the Brule is not too bad.  There is snow here and there.  But, it is all fine to be done in hiking boots now.  I can't say the same for my trails....knee deep snow, mud, balsam and spruce tops down on them all over......argh!  I walk up to this falls and Devil's Kettle fairly often year around.  I honestly don't think I have ever been there when it was this high before.  You can see the spray flying.  I didn't even attempt to get a photo in the usual spots.  I went a ways down the river.
I explored a new spot this week too.  I was out and about, so, why not.  I had been to the short stretch below the highway on this river before.  However, I had never gone upstream.  I was quite impressed by the falls after falls on this.  Nice rock formations and cedars didn't hurt any either, as I like both.  I will have to go back and check this out some more when the water levels drop just a bit.  It wasn't a Toby friendly river at present.  I had taken him out on the lower side of the highway but it is cliffs right to the lake on the side I was on.  I left him in the truck when I went upstream.
Here is one more of interest to end.  See the nice puddles on the beach.  This is on the Superior Hiking Trail Lakewalk section.  The ice is still under the gravel so it is holding a lot of big puddles of water.  With Toby in it, you can see they aren't small.  It's always interesting to see these little changes as our weather starts to turn.  We have had a bit of sunshine this week, some rain, some snow, our first lightening storm with the rain last night......maybe spring is on the way.
I have seen swans fly over this week.  I had the sandhill cranes flying over yesterday.  The last two evenings the woodcocks have been in the field "peenting" and being generally busy.  Yes.....I am thinking spring is finally coming.  :)  I am thinking positive and hoping anyway.