Wednesday, February 18, 2015

More winter weather......on the way! February 18, 2015

We have had enough cold weather recently to set some ice on Lake Superior.  Ice on the big lake is always fun!  Yesterday, the dogs (Betsy above) and I explored some of it.  This was Betsy's first time on the ice and let me tell you.........she loved it.  Toby was more like ~ been there, done that!   He just laid on a big rock on shore and watched.  I crawled into the icicle cave I took this photo from (and several more) and tried to coax Betsy in.  She was having none of that!  Toby never liked coming in those ice caves much either.  I still am not too sure why.  Anyway, I got some gorgeous shots from inside the cave.  I wish it faced a different direction.  I am pretty sure I can't get either sunrise or sunset colors from it.
Today, it was my usual Wednesday morning Scrabble game with my mom.  We quite enjoy that.  I am a Scrabble fan from way back.  It is always fun to watch what is going on on the bay on Lake Superior while playing too.  Nothing today.  The wolves have started roaming the ice, now that it is, I did come prepared with a long lens for the camera today, just in case.  Nothing!  So, after the game, I took Betsy and Toby down on the lake ice and off we went.  We walked over to the old fish house spot on the west side of the bay and back for our adventure today.  It was still -8 below 0 with a stiff, I didn't even take my camera.  I was going to be out in the wide open spaces and there wasn't too much to photograph today anyway.  Maybe another day......not quite so cold on the fingers!
Here is a shot from inside that icicle cave I crawled into yesterday.  It was pretty cool and had some really nice aquamarine colors going on in there.  It is always fun to see what has formed on the inside of these.  It seems like they are always a bit different.  This one really had a lot of icicles in it, as you can see.  I will probably go back over there in a couple of days when it is just a little bit warmer on the chance I can get some color on one end of the day or the other.
At any rate, the dogs will have a fine adventure.  They always enjoy something new.
I think that the "town" trip this week will give them a new adventure too as some of the spots have ice and pilings now.  I haven't seen them yet, but I have heard that.  With luck......maybe see one of the wolves people are seeing out on the ice too.  It's always nicer to see them when the dogs are safe and sound in the car than meeting them on a corner on a woods trail.......that's for sure.  But......that's a whole other issue.

Here is one more from our yesterday ice trip to enjoy.  I will leave some of the "issues" for another day.  Just fun stuff today......since it is the season for it.

Friday, February 13, 2015

February 13, 2015 Another gray day in the neighborhood...........

We have had a lot of gray, gray days this winter.  I have to say.......I'd rather have more cold and blue than warm and grey.  On this particular day, it had been pretty gray and I just decided when the sun peeked out for a minute, I was going to go for it!  I headed for the shore and got some glorious sunny photos, for about five minutes............then, back to gray!  But, I thought this one was pretty even without all the color.
If you have followed me for a while, you know I like to be outside, and I like photography.  Winter is my most prolific time, as a rule.  But, we haven't had too much for ice formations this winter.  So, that, along with all the gray weather, has not had me out taking as many photos as usual.  But, I'm always out looking.......
Now that I have two dogs that love going for their daily adventure, that keeps me inspired also.  Betsy is doing very nicely these days.  Having Toby to show her "how things are done around here" is very helpful.  There is nothing like an old dog to teach a young dog what she needs to do.
We have had nice snow for skiing this winter.  So, almost every afternoon, Betsy and I hit the trails.  Nothing like a good run on skis to inspire a young dog to run and get her exercise.  Toby is way past that.  He will be 12 in May.  He still likes his fun.  However, long runs in the deep snow aren't his thing any more.  He likes a good, hard packed trail.  We had that until this last 6-7" of snow.  This snow is pretty sugary and doesn't pack well.  It is, however, great for skiing.
There isn't much new going on in my world to write about these days either.  There are news items that could make me get a good rant going.......and, I think about it.  However, not everyone is always of the same opinion and, uplifting words are better than a good rant.......even if you mean every word of it.  If I get one going..........I mean it!
I have started working on the Hovland Arts Festival stuff for the year.  There is always plenty to do there.
I had a chat with Sameen Amin, who is producer of America Tonight on the Al Jazeera network.  The discussion was about wolves.  They were coming to Minnesota to do a program about hunting them in Minnesota.  It aired Wednesday night.  I missed it.  The movie Zero Dark Thirty came on and I was watching that instead of watching for what was on the other network.  It isn't listed in the TV guides so I just had to watch for it...........and missed it!  A friend, I had told about it and that it was supposed to air sometime this week saw it.  We had discussed her coming up here and getting her out with a wolf hunter.  She was all for it.  However, they ended up in Ely and never did get up here.  I guess they did show both sides of the issue with the people from HOWL, in the cities, showing their side.
Maybe one day I will catch it on a repeat!
Anyway.......winter is passing........we have lots of deer around........a few rabbits........little of this and that.  Not exciting stuff, most days.........but, that's ok.