Friday, April 22, 2016

April 22, 2016 Spring?!

One step forward ~ and, three steps back!   Sound familiar?  That seems to be Spring this year.  Every time we seem to be making progress, we back up a lot again.   I guess that is par for the course in this neck of the woods.   It happens many years.   This year, early on, I did think it was going to happen tho.
Betsy and I have been busy lately.   We had dog walking trips with her best buddy, Kirby, for two weeks.  She loved that.  Kirby is a wonderful dog so we both enjoy those days out in the woods.  We have been having more adventures all the time since it is shed hunting season.  As the snow melts and we can access more areas ~ we do.  Betsy hasn't gotten all that interested in sheds yet.  Maybe she never will.  However, there has been a rabbit explosion around here and she is all into that ~ 100%.  She loves to get a chance to chase a rabbit ~like she has a prayer!!
Every now and then, even on the shore, we have to try something different.  It was a pretty day on this trip so I crawled into the culvert under highway 61 and Betsy came in to see what I was doing.  Thus, this photo of her wondering what the heck I was up to.  This isn't the sort of thing we usually do.   But, she may learn all sorts of things while traveling thru this life with me.   Life is full of surprises ~ and, some of them are even fun!  :)
Recently tho ~ I had one of those surprises that aren't!  I was getting ready to go to bed one evening ~ taking my jeans off ~ actually.   And, this little pop ~ or something ~ happened.  I thought, well, I don't think that was good.  I assumed I had maybe pulled a muscle ~ since I have done that a couple of times in the past 5 years.  Not pleasant ~ but, doable.   Can't stand up straight and a pain to walk around for a couple days.  However, I am usually good to go in 3-4 days.   Well ~ that was not to be this time.   I woke up around 12:30 and started to roll over and stopped right dead in that move ~ right now.   Cramps or spasms ~ whatever!  Not pleasant.   It was like which way to move or not move that didn't cause them.  I was not having fun.
After a week of this, I went to see a friend who does massage therapy.  She told me my muscles were really tight and tense.   Ummm ~ yes.   If you were worrying about getting a cramp or spasm every time you moved, you probably would have that issue.  Anyway, she got some of me fixed up and I walked out of there upright.   She suggested I might want to see a chiropractor.   So, after not getting better, 2 1/2 weeks after the fact and getting X-rays, which they require, I am seeing one.  In fact, I have another appointment this afternoon.  I guess it must be helping.  I am not getting the spasms.   I am still getting stiff if I try and sit a few minutes.  Tho, even that is getting better.  I can at least stand up straight now.   So ~ old dog is learning new tricks........
Now you know why I haven't been doing this.  I couldn't sit that long.  I sure have been getting some long walks done tho.
I will leave you with a "cute" for the day.  Our photography group recently had a weekly contest that was "close ups."  So, I took a few of these.   Enjoy!