Wednesday, December 28, 2016

December 28, 2016 Year's End Fast Approaching...........

The end of the year is fast approaching.  There is always something to do, it seems.  I have been busy and really gotten behind on the blog.   Plus, I was a bit sad, mad, frustrated ~ all of them for a while this Fall during the hunting season.   That was a big part of it.   I love my deer friends.  This is a current shot of "Ghost Buck" ~ a young guy ~ named for his unusually white face for a  young deer.
Here's the girl that started my deer story ~ taken late October.  Shadow.   She is still my Shadow and she is fine.   However ~ during the hunting season this Fall, first her 5 1/2 year old daughter, Friendly, was shot by my neighbor's company he invited up for hunting this year.  Not one person, mind you, but two people.   He couldn't be satisfied with getting out in the serious woods and hunting.  He had to shoot "my" pets.   And, invite others to do so also.  They also shot the 1 1/2 year old daughter of Shadow's  ~ which was Betsy's fun friend.  That deer was fond of licking Betsy's face.  If you don't know, Betsy is my dog ~ a rescue dog, said to have a lab/chesapeake dad and a rottweiler mom.   Those two girls were about the friendliest deer ever and so much fun to have around.   Friendly hardly ever left the yard anymore.  But, deer season being what it is and when it is ~ during the rut, things happen.   Like ~ little bucks showing up and wanting to be serious and chasing the girls all over the place.
This was the first little guy they got, before getting the girls.  He was probably born to one of the girls ~ as he was hanging around a lot and not too shy.   When the bucks are young, it's hard to keep track of them as they aren't allowed to stay in the family groups like the girls are.   And, you know, I always expect the bucks will get shot.   That's life, unfortunately.   But, now that the DNR is giving out more doe permits again, the girls aren't safe, at all, anymore.   I personally find it very offensive when the neighbor can't be satisfied with taking one of them himself and has to invite others from out of the area to get the easy deer.  
I think this is turning into a rant ~ which is why I haven't been posting.  I guess I need to get it out of my system.   I have been a deer hunter all my life.   I understand the wanting the venison part.  But, to have to shoot the neighborhood pets we all love ~ I just can't understand that.   I was so perturbed, I didn't even go out hunting this year.  I had bought my license and thought I would.  Altho, I haven't been all that enthusiastic about it the last few years, I still have gone.  It is also getting really difficult to find a deer I don't know!   And, I refuse to shoot someone I know.....  But, when they got shot ~ I just couldn't find the interest in getting out there and doing it.  The first week it was too warm anyway.   We don't have a walk in cooler and it was staying 65 degrees in the garage!  We will see what happens next year.   I might be done!   I still like my venison ~ and being a lot self-sufficient.  But, I like my pets too!

This old boy, taken during that week before hunting season when he got back here ~ (too early) ~ finally ran out of luck this Fall also.  A neighbor down the road about a mile had his 12 year old grandson here hunting.  They got him ~ the boy's first buck.  Buck of a life-time while hunting with Grandpa.   I guess it doesn't get any better than that.  At least, in their case, they didn't know about this deer.   But, what a first deer for a boy!   I sure do miss this guy tho.  He always loved to page me at my window in the basement for treats.  He always was there waiting for me by the garage for his alfalfa too.  Boy, did he love that!   Fine deer buddy for the last few years.   Been a tough year for losing deer buddies.   But, as they say ~ life moves on.   It is hard to not get attached to one's friends.
So ~ we will see what the new year brings ~ in many respects.  I hope it will be a good one for all of you.   I will leave you with a photo of one of my handsome buddies, who is already bald!
Bald is beautiful too!   I do have his second shed antler.   Snow storm when he shed the first one and I haven't found it ~ yet!  Maybe in the Spring!
Happy New Year to you all ~ and, I promise to post something more cheerful!  :)