Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Old Friends ~ December 22, 2015

It's starting out to be a good week.  My fox friend is back.  After several years of no foxes around after 4 years of foxes around all the time ~ I was so happy when one showed up this Fall.  Not only did it show up but showed signs of being friends.  So, we got on with developing a friendship.  Then, along came deer season.........  My fox went missing.  I was hoping that it was just out doing what foxes do and cleaning up after what got left in the woods by people hunting.  I was getting concerned.     Then, on Sunday.......Betsy and I were coming back up the driveway after our early morning walk.  There was the fox crossing the driveway and heading for its treat spot.  Betsy and I walked by it and I went in and found a treat.  Yesterday morning, when Betsy and I came back, right on schedule, there was the fox!  It was sitting by its favorite spot, just like it was posing.......waiting for me to notice it and bring it some treats.  I got right on it.  :)  So, hopefully........it is back for the winter now.  I absolutely love having a fox or foxes around.  They sure keep a handle on the voles and mice around the yard.  Speaking of which ~ we were watching it after I gave it treats.  It then went off hunting around the yard.  We both were ready when we saw it setting up for the classic jump in the air and pounce on the mouse trick!  Perfect.  I'd love to capture that on camera some day.  But, as is often the case ~ it was too dark yet for that kind of action shots.  Anyway ~ the fox is safe.
Then, there's this guy.  The Boss.  I love this old friend too.  I took this the other day in a snowstorm and wasn't that far away from him.  I metered the camera on him.  Pure white back ground and snowing.  Well......it looks like a pasted him on a piece of white paper.  But......he looks good so that's what counts.
Story ~ Well.....as you know, I still hunt deer.  I am not ready to give up my venison even tho I have an awful lot of deer friends.  But, it gets more difficult all the time as I will be out in the woods and one of my friends walks up to me out there.  I do not shoot my friends.  Well ~ on Veteran's Day, I had been in from the morning hunting excursion having only seen a few doe friends.  I sat down to check my email when I caught a reflection in my computer screen.  Here he was ~ standing in the window looking for me.  I thought ~ oh my.......It's the first week of deer season and he's back early.  That isn't entirely a bad thing.  However, there are way too many people hunting in this area and I was worried someone was going to shoot my buddy before season would end.  Well ~ luck has been with us.  He made it through the rifle and muzzle loader season.  He is quite the majestic buck.  He is definitely the yard boss.  I sure enjoy watching the antics of him out here.  And ~ even better.  He mated with one of Shadow's daughters so I know his genes are passing on to someone I know and can watch this year.  :)  More wonderful bucks!  Well ~ that we don't know.  She might have girls!  Shadow is now 8 1/2 years old and she has had only 1 buck fawn all these years.  I can wish.
Then, when I was out putting alfalfa out this morning, another younger big, majestic buck came strolling into the yard.  He is looking good too.  So......with the shortage of bucks around and knowing quite a few got got in the vicinity.....it's nice to see old friends back that survived another season.  Soon, he too was at the basement door wanting some "baby" corn.  That is our nickname for the cracked corn Shadow and some of the special pets like.  But.....that includes a couple of the big guys who really like it too ~ rather than chew that big, whole corn.
Anyway ~ I'm off to a good week with my critters.  I will end with a fun one I took of Betsy down on the neat ice formations on the shore of Lake Superior yesterday.  It has gotten really good ratings from friends and photographer friends alike.  Now.....had it only been sunny to highlight that nice ice..........


  1. Beautiful photos and what a wonderful place to live. I live in the mountains, but we are renting a cottage in a sleepy village. Our dream is to be in the woods, far from civilization. One day, until then, I will live through the blogs I read! I'm happy to hear about your fox friends coming back.

  2. Thanks. I do love having "my" critters around and always enjoy their company.