Thursday, March 10, 2016

March 10, 2016 Change in the weather!

We have just finished a few days of warm weather ~ hitting 40 degrees ~ and making mud.  This was taken just a couple days before the warm days hit.  I love finding the icicles on the shore and trying to catch some light on them.   They are always pretty.  Today, however, it is snowing again.  Plus side is, no mud.  I can live with that.
Here is some action from my morning.   The deer had been a bit jumpy all morning so I knew something was around, They all jumped again and I wondered what was up.  This time, I saw the fox coming.   It hadn't been around for over a month, so ~ I didn't have anything handy to feed it.  I just grabbed the container of leftover soup from a couple days ago and brought that out.  My foxes, a few years ago, loved venison soup with barley.   This one ~ not so sure.  He quickly grabbed the piece of meat out of it and chewed it up.  He was really checking out the rest of the "stuff."  By that time, I remembered the bucket of scraps that didn't fit in the freezer ~ and now would!   I wondered if it had started to thaw.  Sure enough ~ so off I went.  Happy fox then!  He was just sitting there, watching me, as if to say ~ you know what I like!   Anyway ~ I hope it is back for a while now.  I quite enjoy having him around and watching the antics of it and the deer.
Here is a shot of him eating some of his "good stuff."  Shadow is in the front, looking this way and one of the "eyebrow" family deer is the other.   We always thought this family grouping of deer we call the eyebrows looked like they had their eye makeup on ~ eye shadow and all.  Thus ~ the Eyebrow family!  Eyebrow, in particular, was getting pretty good at stamping her feet.   They all but ignore the foxes when they are there every day.  Except, of course, when they make a posse and gang up on the foxes and chase them.   Too funny!
Here is a very contented fox with a full belly now.  Nothing like a little good food to make one happy!
Then, there is the little buck fawn splashing in the puddle.  They love Spring when this puddle forms.   There have been quite the deer antics in it this week.  This little guy proceeded to lay down in it and take his Spring bath.  I have never seen that before.   And ~ when it comes to deer, there isn't much I haven't seen!  Just a couple of days ago, the whole flock of bluejays had their bath in this puddle.  They were having a heck of a time.  Life is interesting!  Nature is grand.  Gotta love it!