Tuesday, January 13, 2015

January 13, 2015 Where does the time go...........

Where does the time go?  Boy, some days I wonder.......
I know where a lot of it goes these days.  I did finally get a rescue dog that came from the far northern reserves of Ontario.  See that dog walking by Toby.......that's Betsy.  She was rescued at 3 weeks of age and lived with a foster mom until I got her November 22......coming up on one of my busiest weeks of the year.  The Christmas Hovland Arts Festival event and Thanksgiving that all run together in the same week keep me busy. 
Anyway, she was a week short of 6 months old when I got her.  No up to date shots or anything so I was glad she was under the age limit.  Of course, that meant getting right at getting all her shots and getting her spayed and all that stuff.  She is fitting right into the household nicely these days.  I have really been working with her on not chasing deer.  Making progress.  The other thing is trying to get her out meeting new people.  She wasn't socialized much and has a tendency to be wary of people and especially ones she hasn't met.......which is most people!  She finally met a new person yesterday without barking!  Yay!  Serious progress there. 
So, between giving her lots of attention and all the extra exercise a young dog needs and making sure Toby doesn't feel left out........I put in a lot of time with my buddies these days.  Toby can't keep up to her, for sure.  His age is catching up to him but he is a happy dog. 
Plus, every time I try to sign in to my blog.......these days.......the computer gives me a fit and it takes me 5 minutes to figure out what I need to do this time to access the blog site.  Technology!
Plus, the deer keep us busy this time of year too.  There is always somebody wanting something.  Here is Zoe...a couple of afternoons ago, just laying by the window watching me.  Usually, they lay there with their backs to the window.  I guess she didn't want to miss out on anything.
They are always fun and there are a lot of favorites these days.  So.......I am never bored!  :)