Tuesday, June 14, 2016

June 14, 2016 It's Almost Summer!

Well ~ it's almost summer, officially.   We have had several mighty gray days lately tho.   Everything is soooo wet again.  I am glad our garden is raised beds or it might be drowning about now.   Everything is coming up ~ so, that is good.   Actually, we haven't even put in tomatoes this year ~ yet anyway ~ which would give us more flexibility to do things in the Fall.  Seems like so much of the year, something is going on so it's hard to get  away, even for a few days.  When one works so hard to get a good crop in this country, one hates to go and let it freeze and not keep everything picked.   My perennial flowers are getting smaller in number every year too.  Some die off ~ and, I just am choosing not to replace them.  I have too many deer friends to eat everything.  I don't like to have to go out there and chew them out or chase them off.  So, if I still have it, deer aren't too fond of it!  :)
Isn't she cute.  I took this early the other morning with flash on the camera ~ it lit up the eyes better.  I had discovered her while out on a walk the afternoon before.  You know ~ the "if you find a fawn, it's ok, don't touch it, mom will be back" thing.   That's what I figured.   I told my neighbor about it and showed them where she was so their 3 little dogs wouldn't get after it.   Well, we all had the same idea the next morning, so ~ shortly after 6 a.m., I was checking on it ~ thus, this photo.  It was still there.   Oh dear! Oh deer!  I wasn't happy to see that.  It had been raining.  I was worried she belonged to the small 2 year old doe and that maybe she wasn't in to being a good mom yet.  Shortly thereafter, my neighbor checked too and oh oh ~ still there.  Emailed me.   We all agreed to wait longer as she seemed fine.   About 11:30 ~ we all got the same idea again.  I met them halfway and they said the mom had just showed up and was standing in the woods with it.  So, I turned around and went the other way.   Once again, all ended well.  But, boy that mom was sure pushing the envelope as far as how long she left her baby!   So glad no one touched her......
I've been trying to get out a lot and try for some new, seasonal new photos too.   I thought this one was particularly pretty.  The Hovland Arts Festival isn't too far away now ~ so, always good to have some nice stuff.  I try.   Of course, Betsy is always up for the adventure.   I am quite often out middle of the day this time of the year.   One has to be out by 4 in the morning to try for a sunrise.  Out my way, the sun is so far inland this time of year, I can't get a sun coming up over the lake anyway.   Sunsets are always a problem because of the same issue, year around, sun sets inland and on some evenings, I can get color, but, the sun is long gone before it colors up.  It sets behind the big ridges we have here.  Again, one has to be out quite late now to get what little color there is this time of year.  Late fall and winter is the time I like to be out for my color up sunrises!   When conditions are right, one can get some really pretty pictures during the day even tho most photographers don't like the "harsh" light mid day.   So it goes ~ we do what we can with what we are given.
Well ~ if you are in our neck of the woods on July 2 and 3 this year ~ stop in and see our Hovland Arts Festival.   I'll be there!