Monday, January 4, 2016

Happy New Year! January 4, 2016

Another year is starting!  Somehow, it doesn't seem so very different.  The weather is sure staying gray, gray and more gray.   I am so ready for some sunshine for a whole day for several days.
This morning, when I got up it was clear but I could see sea smoke and fog rising from Lake Superior over the hill.  It was 0 degrees so the sea smoke on the lake was to be expected.  I just got out for my walk with Betsy ~ shortly after 7 a.m. when the clouds were already rolling in from the west.  By the time I got home and was ready to feed the deer herd ~ of which everyone was there and waiting because it was COLD out!! ~ it was all clouded over.
By now, you know I like to get out and do photography.  I love winter and ice photos as much as wildlife photography.  But, the weather just doesn't inspire one lately.  However, then I look at the weather channel on TV and decide our weather is ok.  No nasty storms ~ yet!
Here is one I took yesterday of a couple of the antlered bucks sparring.  Hand held ~ trying to keep up with the action on a gray day so it blurred a bit.  But, you get the idea.  They were really digging in here.  These two and one of the little spike-fork horns are all that still have antlers.  The rest have shed already.  It's fun to see them standing peacefully around the yard, nibbling their alfalfa.  However, a bit of action now and then ~ especially this time of year when it isn't serious ~ is fun too.
Here is another shot of them having at it.  They kept this up for over an hour yesterday morning, moving around the yard as they went.  Looks like quite a tangle of antlers here.
Here's the big guy ~ stopping to look at me and pose for a minute.  He's quite the guy and for sure, one of my favorites.  I hope he's around to pass on those magnificent genes for a while to come yet.  
Since he's so busy around here this Fall, I got to hope some of those fawns he makes will be bucks!
Here is one of the 1 1/2 year old twins when I am doing the afternoon feeding.  The alfalfa is out and I have been walking around with the camera this trip.  However, it is difficult to put out feed and take photos at the same time.  This little girl will have her face a couple inches from mine all the way around.  She is my little buddy and is right there all the way around the yard.   Anyway, you see some up close and personals with some of my deer friends.  They are always a joy!  Goes right back to my favorite saying ~ "Ain't Nature Grand!"


  1. Beautiful photos! I'm a fan of winter photography too, but these days it's just too cold to venture out too long up here in the mountains!

    1. Winter photography has always been my favorite. Ice formations can be so beautiful. Wildlife photography is about equal in my book. I love watching and photographing the "critters." :) Mild this year so not getting much ice yet.

  2. What a shot you got of the big guy. What beautiful animals they are!

  3. He is one magnificent guy ~ for sure. I take great pleasure in watching him strut his stuff around here. :)

  4. What amazing shots of these beautiful animals! To look up out of your window and see these amazing creatures...what a treat. I could enjoy that view all day long!