Sunday, April 26, 2015

April 26, 2015 Spring's a usual........

This, is a "leucistic" junco.  This means the bird has no pigment in its feathers.  An albino, has no pigment.  It has been hanging around for just over a week now.  There is a normal colored junco behind it.  Once, a number of years ago, I had a cowbird hanging around that had the same issue.  It is always interesting to see one of those variations in our wildlife.
It has been one of those teasers lately.  For a few days, we had sunshine and warm......65 degrees.  Wow, that was nice.  Then, this last week we dropped right back into getting some snow with lows as cool as 16 degrees and barely making 40 degrees during the day.  I guess we should not be surprised.  Usually, our Springs do tease a lot.  Except.......some years, like last year......Spring didn't want to come at all.
Anyway......we are having enough nice weather to bring all the little varmints, like the chipmunks, out to scrounge what it available.  Then, the other of the big ones......a bear, showed up on the deck to remove a suet from its feeder and take down the big metal hanger that was attached to a deck railing.  I had been taking in all the other feeders because of the raccoon(s), no damage there.  But, I hadn't seen any sign of the bears out and about yet so I hadn't started hauling the suet in at night yet.  Well.......there isn't a suet left to haul in now.  At least it didn't destroy my suet feeder for the "long tailed" woodpecker type birds.  That is a nice feeder.  Over the years, a lot of feeders have bit the dust because of bears.  Keeps the bird feeder people in business.......I guess.
We also had enough rain to bring the creeks and rivers up.  I had fun doing some sort of abstract styles of photography with the running water.  I feel a need to get something a little different once in a while. 
Here is another, sort of unusual view of a lot of current running in a river.  Our photo group had as a subject this week....."Abstract water", I was trying my best.  I did enter this vertical shot.  I also had another rather interesting shot I took of water and sun shining in a shallow creek and it looked like liquid gold.  I really liked that one. 
Speaking of photos.......I try to get out regularly and find something.  Since I don't use  Photoshop or Lightroom, my photos may not always be as "pretty" as some of the very serious pros out there.  However, I still find some pleasure in keeping them real.  Nature is quite beautiful all on its own without using the programs to pretty them up to the point of being totally unrealistic at all.  I   admit, there are times I wouldn't mind learning how to use lightroom.  Sometimes, you are at an item of interest and the light just isn't right and you just can't pull it off......been there, done that.  With one of could save the day...........if you know how.   Maybe someday!  Never say never, I guess.
I will leave you with a shot of Betsy, by a reflecting pool, on the shore of Lake Superior......I took on  Friday.  She is growing to be quite a model dog and pretty well behaved.  Anyway, both of my dogs like being the "star."  Toby actually gets pretty jealous if he isn't getting in all the shots.  So, I better not leave him out........'s Toby.  Both of the shots with the dogs in, at these various reflecting pools, were so much better than without them.  They were pretty.......but, just missing something. 
Have a fine week........all!

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