Thursday, April 16, 2015

April 16, 2015 Rights, Privilege, or Hypocrisy........

Here's a shot of one of my favorite crooked trees on the shore of Lake Superior.  I have tried and tried to take a really nice photo of this tree for a long time.  It is just in a hard spot to get good light and a good angle both at the same time to show it off.  I think this works. 
However, I have had other things on my mind for a while......especially since the new ruling in Indiana.  I am having a hard time to know how to write it and not make everyone mad.  But, on the other hand, I think there are some subjects here that need to be discussed with open minds.
If you hadn't figured it has to do with the gay/lesbian issue.  I know a good many of them and would call many friend besides ~ both men and women.  I understand a lot of the issues.  I'm sure I probably don't understand a good many either.......but, short of having a serious sit down with some of them and calmly discussing some of the issues.......well, they may never get resolved.  Judging by some of the letters to the editor I have been seeing in papers lately, I am not the only one bothered by some of the issues either.
One of the issues that bothers me the most since gays have been given the privilege of getting, now that they can.......a few seem to think they can make everyone accept it as ok.  Well, not everyone does think it is ok and some are never going to agree on that one.  I fully understand a committed couple wanting "rights" in as far as owning things together, death benefits, visitation rights at hospitals when one is ill.......I could go on ~ but, I think you get the idea.  A good many people, and I would include myself here......grew up thinking that being gay isn't something to be proud of and church told you it was wrong.  Well, some people who have been brought up this way are never going to accept that marriage is anything but between a man and a woman because of this.  This isn't just a  United States thing!  You don't just take a lifetime of how you have been brought up and say "OH, it's ok now" because a judge said so.
Another part of this issue is, a good many people have learned to accept the gays living together as couples and are ok to let that be.  It's their life in their home and leave it alone.  They would even go as far as saying they could have a civil ceremony that gives them the rights to all the benefits of married couples, legally.  However, they still aren't ready to agree to gay marriage.
Ok, so my point here that they can get married.........everyone is supposed to accept that.    Ok.  But, while accepting that they now have this right......does that give them the right to go to a caterer, or a flower shop owner......or whatever........and want their service and if they sue them right out of business?  Do you really think this is right?  It goes back to "rights" of people.  If you honestly think it is ok for the gays to do this to an individual because they won't bake them a "gay" wedding cake or whatever........well, this is out and out hypocrisy.  You can not make others accept you by bullying them into it.  It will not happen.  In the mean time, you are taking away someone's livelihood simply because they wouldn't serve you.  That should be their right.  If you want rights, don't take away other people's rights.  By doing that, you are doing nothing but making people who opposed the gay marriage thing in the first place more antagonistic.  Is that what we really want?  I don't think so.  Isn't it time to live and let live and be fair to all people about their rights?  There are other people out there to make that flower arrangement, bake that cake, cater that party, or take those photos.  Personally, I wouldn't want someone doing it for me...........that didn't really want to..........just so you can prove your point.
So, people, let's quit the hypocrisy.  We all deserve to be loved and respected.  So, no matter who you are and what the issue......let's try treating others as you wish to be treated. 

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