Sunday, May 3, 2015

May 3, 2015 It's Too Hot Out There..........

It's a hot one out there today, relatively.  We have had a couple of days that hit 60-65 degrees.  However, it was 72 degrees, here in the valley, early on today.  It is just after 4:30 now and still 75.  Wow!  It's also windy so out there hiking around, one gets dry in a hurry today.  I am not least not yet.  Maybe things will start to green up around here.  I took this shot of the flowering willows yesterday.  I was surprised to see that still going on.  Pretty!
It's been a busy week.  I have made a lot of tracks.  Nice weather will do that!  Whether out hunting for sheds, of which I found one, or hiking with's been a fine week to do that sort of thing before the bugs come out......which we all know will happen this month.  This one was taken on Wednesday.  My sister-in-law and I decided to hike our dogs here, for a change of pace.  Then, on Thursday, our ladies' hiking group got together and hiked a number of rivers and checked the waterfalls.  That was a very enjoyable day also.  Nice scenery and good company always works!
This river was one I had never been to before.  This hole in the rock was rather interesting.  I have never seen anything quite like it.  I'm sure it probably started out as a there is one near it.  However, since there is a bottom to this rock, which is above the water.......I guess it wore through.  I thought this was one of my more interesting finds of the day.  One of the other rivers was really interesting also.  It had such a different rock makeup and structure than the others on the shore.  I will be going back there some time in the near future.
This one was taken on today's expedition.  The dogs had to cool off!  They were too warm, just like me.  We got down to the shore and the temperatures ranged from 49 to 53 degrees!  Quite a change from up here.  I expected it, luckily, and brought a jacket.  I hadn't expected it to be that drastic tho.  Anyway, we spent a while down there and quite enjoyed ourselves. 
I guess we will wait and see what the week brings!  Maybe........just maybe, it will be time to start working on gardening and vegetable beds so they are ready when the ground warms up. 
Have a good week!

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