Friday, April 3, 2015

April 3, 2015 Some April's Fools going on..........

April greetings!  I took this yesterday when I was out and about with the dogs.  It was a pretty sky day and the weather was teasing us with promises of Spring.  It got to 55 degrees in my neck of the woods.  It was 50 degrees at noon when I was on the shore.  But.......tis the season, isn't it!  One day, it's a pretty sunny day with promises of real Spring.  Then, it's snowing an inch or three!  We have had a couple of snow days this week and Sunday was the first with 3" of the white stuff.  Then a day or two later we had over an inch again and the whole yard was white.  I was actually driving on snow packed roads again, up here.  The highway was wet and bare when I got down there. 
Then, since it has decided to maybe be winter again......a bunch of the deer came back.  That even includes some of the big bucks, yesterday.  I thought they were gone til next winter as they had been gone over a week.  Some of the deer had been gone over two weeks. A big doe and her soon to be 2 year old daughters were back this morning too.  They had been gone about 10 days.  So, the dispersed deer herd is mostly back.......with a few new ones.  This deer above, Miz Spectacles, saw me walking around the yard and had to see what I was up to.  You see parts of her two girl fawns here too.  She stays around all year.....for several now.  She lives across the road but she comes to visit quite frequently.  I love those big eye rings she has.  She is a very striking deer.  Now, this morning.....there are deer laying around the perimeter of the yard all over......because they can.  There is some bare grass and a bit of, life is good.
And is the season for the cluster flies to come out.  I vacuum and vacuum and there are still more of these darned pesky things in the windows or on the floor.  Sheesh......those things drive me stinkin' nuts!  Honestly.  They are so annoying.  Not to mention when one falls out of the air into one's coffee cup!  When we were first moving in to our home, it was a bad year.  I had EcoLab come and spray for the darned things.  I didn't appreciate not being able to see out of my windows for two weeks........but, I liked the no flies part.  Now, the past few summers, we have been sanding and refinishing the outside of the house so haven't been able to do that.  I have a hunch I am going to be calling them this year when the time comes they do that.  Plus, new puppy.....Betsy, thinks they are so interesting.  She gets up on the couch and tries to catch them in the window.  So, not only flies and fly spots but puppy noses all over the window!  Oh well........there could be worse things, I guess.
Speaking of she is, earlier this week.  She is getting that posing stuff down pretty good these days.  She is such a cheerful, happy dog.  Everything is fun!   So, you see, there is an upside to everything.  That is also a good thing because that is an extra set of puppy feet to carry in a lot of mud these days.  But, mud season too, will pass!
Here is Toby, out and about with me this week too.  He is getting old enough that now, anytime I stop to take photos, he stops and lays down to rest.  He doesn't want to miss any adventures.  But, he doesn't have the stamina anymore either.  He will be 12 years old in just over a month.  So, I am thankful for each day he's healthy and getting around. 
Some days........we just have to stop and count our blessings.  When we think about the good stuff.......the minor annoyances in life seem insignificant.


  1. Lovely post, Sandy. Well, except for the cluster flies. How is it that there are so many of them. We should be thankful that at least they don't bite as other soon to come insects do! Your pup pictures are so pretty. How does Toby do with Betsy's puppiness? Or have they come to an understanding by now?

  2. Betsy and Toby get along quite well, actually. For that, I am thankful. You never know how your older, only dog for so long, is going to like having an active, energetic pup around. They have both come to realize they both deserve, and get, attention.
    And yes, I am so thankful cluster flies don't bite.