Wednesday, April 9, 2014

April 9, 2014 Is April going to bring us Spring Showers?

Well, maybe we are on our way toward Spring.  The precipitation has turned to some rain anyway.  Also, it has been warm enough to settle some snow and melt puddles under a few of the trees.  The deer are loving it.  As you can see by the photo above, the deer love to play in puddles.  You will see some of the darnedest contortions and antics when the deer get to playing in water in the Spring.  One thing for sure, my "deer" friends give us a lot of hours of entertainment and enjoyment.  I know some people are determined they are nothing but pests.  However, if I am going to have some around, I may as well enjoy them......which I do.......very much.                                                                          
Plus, having a yard full of deer means you have lots of "watch dogs" if you should be needing to be alerted to something.  Nothing like a herd of deer to be aware of every thing that is going on.
A couple of mornings ago, 6 a.m., a large pack of wolves started howling just a bit SE of us.  I want to tell you that every deer in the yard.....close to 40 at the time, was on alert and on point.  They didn't really relax until I went out to feed them and was moseying about with them.  After I fed them, I took Toby for him normal morning jaunt.  We were just down the road a way when a whole pack of wolves started singing again, just south of us.  I was just wondering about whether the snow was hard enough for then to be able to really run now......when they shut up and the original pack I hear that morning started in howling again.  That was two large packs, pretty close together for wolves, howling.  So.....with the coming of Spring we are getting the hard snow.  That could spell disaster for the deer this spring.  There is far too much depth out there, at this point, for it to be crusty enough to hold wolves and not hold deer at all.                                                                                                       
This morning, Toby and I tried to take our morning walk on top of the snow.  That didn't end up working out so well.  We got about a quarter mile and it didn't hold me anymore.  Given it was 20 degrees when I got up, I didn't think it should be a problem.  However, when one or both legs go through the crusty snow over knee deep, it ceases to be amusing.  We turned around.                     
On Facebook, these rainbow clouds with this same size file transferred color pretty well.  It really isn't showing here.  Too bad, it was very pretty.  But, I am not used to seeing these type of clouds in the morning so it was quite a treat.  Usually, I see them just before sundown.                                      
Also, yesterday, Toby and I went exploring because it was such a beautiful day.  The clouds were gorgeous and the lake so blue.  When I got back to the truck, it was 49 degrees out there.  It really did give some hope of Spring.  However.......the little bits of precipitation that have come down today have been of the frozen variety.  I think we still have a ways to go.                                                        
 Lake Superior view from yesterday.  Enjoy the beauty.  :)


  1. I don't appreciate it when the print moves to this form and goes where it wants. It did this to me once before....last year. I took the time to move each line to the left edge. When I hit publish, it went all over the place. What the heck.........

  2. I've had that happen, too. Something goes wonky when you hit "publish." It's beyond me to figure it out, that's for sure.

    Chicken Mama saw a lone timber wolf chasing a deer behind her little cabin night before last. We see wolf tracks on our driveway many days when we hike out for the mail. The snow is way too deep still for the deer to be safe from a pack of wolves if we get a crust on top of it. Let's hope that doesn't happen.