Sunday, April 20, 2014

April 20, 2014 You never know......

This is Saturday, April 19 in my yard at 4:30....feeding time.  There were even more in the morning when I fed them.  We had a blizzard yesterday and more snow.  More snow the day before too.  Just when the roads were getting dry on top, more wet snow.  After that, it rained.  So, things are rather sloppy in the neighborhood and my truck looks like mud camo.  I'm quite sure it will look that way for a while too.  This late in the season, when it snows that much again....the deer get almost frantic.  They all remember where to get something good for their bellies and show up in big numbers.  There were over 60 here in the morning yesterday.  This morning, barely over 50....
Here is my husband out doing the afternoon feeding.  Along side of him, you see my favorite buck fawn.  He followed him all the way around, trying to make up to him I guess.  This little guy regularly rubs noses with me.  He is just a sweetie.  However, he had never made friends with my husband.   Maybe he is just being a bit more lonesome now.  It seems the wolves got his mother, who has been one of my favorite does in the years she's been around.  He has been here every day.  She has been missing around 10 days now.  She had the most beautiful big white eye rings you ever saw.  Her name was Miz Spectacles. 
I had posted about that on Facebook.....about the wolves.....of which we have too many of in our neck of the woods.  Lest any of you think I hate wolves.....I don't.  But, I most certainly believe in keeping them under control and putting a little fear of God into them now and then.  As I mentioned before, we don't live in Bambi land!  Wolves kill for a living.  They do it well too.  I have no problem with them doing what they the woods, out of my face.  But, when they start in killing in my yard, let's just say my good humor disappears.  You have people out there with no concept of what people here put up with where wolves are concerned.  Still.......they can make a lot of noise.  I also know wolves can do plenty of good.  So, there you have it.  I am not a wolf hater.  But, I will not ever hesitate to put one in it's place that tries to do things it shouldn't to me or my pets.  Unfortunately, that little doe liked to live across the road where the wolf pack hangs out.  That was her choice and she ran out of luck.  This little guy has a lot of spunk and hopefully, he lives a long healthy life. 

Here is something else new this week.  I took this on Thursday.  The bay was full of dirty water from the creeks opening up.  There is also some almost black, fine sand in this bay.  So, after the shore was clearing nicely and lake open, wind off the lake blew this back in and was making lots of really dirty ice volcanoes and mounds on the shore.  It did look kind of neat, even if it was so dirty.  They are still there.  However, some north wind blew the dirty stuff out.  Then, today.....with a beautiful cloudless sky....the lake is full of clean slush ice and chunks again.  East's really filling in.  I should have had the camera along today.  But, I left it home.  I took Toby and went to pick up brother and sister-in-law's dog......and went to a beach for a nice long walk to celebrate the gorgeous day.  The dogs had some friendly competition swimming and fetching sticks.   Oh my, for fun.  With the sunshine and 50 degrees'd have a hard time believing we had a blizzard yesterday.
The geese are really flying today too.....besides all the other spring birds that are showing up.  I can hope Spring is finally ready to stay. 
After the gloomy day, it cleared off late, just before dark.  That gave us a beautiful,  subtle sunset.  It is always fun to see a pretty sky to end a day.  :)

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  1. That shot of all the deer in your yard is just . . . awesome!