Thursday, April 3, 2014

April 3, 2014 Are We Becoming a Nation of Fools?

One could look at this beautiful piece of lake ice sticking out of the snow and pretty much believe the world is a peaceful, serene place.  In our little corner of the world, it is......on the surface.  As I go about my daily business and walks in the woods......or on all that nice Lake Superior ice this's easy to look at the beauty and not think about the real world out there. listen to the news and you read the daily newspaper........and.....guess what!  It's not so pretty any more. 
Yesterday, our Supreme Court of the United States sold us out to the highest bidders.  The wealthy 1% can really go to town and buy whatever they want as far as who is president now or what favors they want.  It's not like they weren't doing it already.  But, now it is official.  Our Constitution and every thing that made this country great is going down the toilet fast if this continues.  A few power hungry elites are going to decide every last thing we do pretty quick.  And, it won't be good for the common folk out here just peacefully getting by their lives. 
Unfortunately, there are still some out there who believe every word that comes out of the president's mouth and that of his minions.  The whole government is getting so corrupt, I honestly don't hardly believe a word that comes out of any of their mouths any more. 
What to do.....what to do.  Well, they always told you to write your Congressman/woman when you don't like something.  Well....I have almost given up on that too.  You write, you get a form letter back which talks about everything except what you wrote them about.  For example....write Franken about gun control issues.  Well, he is all about gun control......including the U.N. stuff, which both he and Klobuchar signed.  It wasn't because I wrote them letters saying they shouldn't sign....not a good thing....don't sign our rights away to someone else.  What's new there?  Oh, I get so disgusted with politics these days....... now you wrote Franken a letter. Must mean you support him, right!  Wrong.  However, I get emails and personal letters every day from him asking for money because those other groups are raising money to get rid of him.  Of course, I get emails from them too....wanting money to help oust Franken.  If I had it.....I would probably give some.  However.....I don't give money to politicians!
We are moving down the road to socialism at a fast pace these days.....or worse.  Our freedoms will be going down the road too.....if it continues.
Folks, we all need to wake up.....and I mean now.  When the mid-term elections come around this year, you better check out who you are voting for and do it very carefully.  Don't just vote Democrat or Republican because you always have.  That doesn't mean a thing anymore.  NOT A THING!
Oh, and another thing......another shooting at Ft. Hood yesterday!  The elites want gun control.  A few idiots who don't have a clue want gun control too.  I just hope to God none of them ever have to find out why they shouldn't want gun control.  It was never about the guns.  It's about controlling the average joes out here.  If they have guns, they can't control them.  You better remember that.  If ever a place should be able to handle a shooting, Ft. Hood should.  All the gun laws in the world aren't going to fix what's wrong with bad people.  All they do is harm the honest people!
I suppose I should quit now.....but you know, I worked a job for a good many years where I wasn't allowed to have an opinion, what's more express it.  Maybe all those years of not being able to express myself got me on overload!
 I will leave you with another beautiful Lake Superior ice shot I took on Sunday when I was walking around on the ice.....way the heck out there.........  my peaceful part of this crazy world.

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  1. You are so right about the control issue. And all else you say, for that matter.

    Two more bee-yew-tiful pictures . . . especially that last one. Wow!