Thursday, March 27, 2014

March 27, 2014 Some things never change........

Some things don't change all.....including the weather lately.  I took this two days ago....out on the ice on Lake Superior.  It was a pretty day, for sure...  However, it is snowing again, today!
As for some things really don't change......well, I watched a movie last night.  It was called "Johnson County War" and takes place around 1892.  It was pretty well done, I thought.  I didn't know much of the history surrounding that movie at the time.  However, Google that and it takes you to Wyoming back then.  There is a ton of info to read on that.  Bruce, a history buff.  His comments tended more toward....well, that's the Rocky Mountains.  That isn't in Johnson County.....etc, etc.
I digress. 
This morning, I read a number of the articles about that incident and actions leading up to it.  I found them pretty interesting.  I also found them to be pretty disgusting.  It wasn't a feel good movie....tho it had its moments.  But, details like the British elitist out there with his man a tent....with his candles and gold and crystal and china.....etc....packed out there because he couldn't possibly not have all his luxuries with him.  Oh my word.  Some of the other old cattle barons looking down their noses with disdain ....while arguing about how it was going to be, law or no law..... honest, innocent people strung up or satisfy the greedy whims of wealthy, elitist men......   
You know.....some of that really hasn't changed.  In this world, in many countries.....we still have our wealthy elitist types out there.  They think they are better than everyone else and above the law.  The laws were made for those peasants....out there...who work for a living.  But, the utter disdain that some of those men have for those people....just honest, simple people.....trying to earn a living and keep their families just really disgusting to me.  Sometimes it takes a movie like this to wake people up and get them to pay attention. 
I'd like to think I have been paying attention, these days.  I don't like a lot of what I see...especially in big government these days.  There is too much of this disdain going on even now.  Our leaders looking down their noses at all of us little people just going about our lives and getting by.  They are making more and more laws to shove down our throats while exempting themselves from such.  As far as I am concerned, if the laws are good enough for us, they are good enough for them too. 
One of the current things I see in this country is the ACA/Obamacare being shoved down our throats.  Now, I have heard both people loving it and people hating it.  But, I wonder how many of the people talking about how wonderful it is to have insurance...are paying for it.  When you hear all  about all the incentives and vouchers for people who have lower incomes......does it make you wonder, after a while, where the incentive is to work anymore.  There are pluses and minuses to this issue, for sure.  But, when people that are working hard to make an honest living get penalized by outrageous costs to pay for those who can't find work or refuse to work....that's a different issue.  We all realize there are issues in this country today which make it difficult to get and keep good jobs.  So, people may need a helping hand.  However, we all know there are plenty of people out there who are perfectly happy to sit on their butts and not do a stinking thing to help themselves.  Someone else will take care of them......  It is called being lazy.  I think we all know a few.  When people keep getting things handed to them because they can get by with it....pretty soon we become a nation that has more people taking than we have working to pay for that.  Then....what happens.....
But.....our big shot politicians are great at this kind of crap.  They want us all under their thumbs so they know what they can get by with.  And....these days....they are getting by with a lot more than they should.  But then, they always have.  Given a name and money and is amazing what they can get by with. 
Look at the Clintons, just for an example.  People around them, working with them, their body guards, etc....last time I saw the was 42 people....who died....because of their affiliation with the Clintons.  They are still out and about.  Hillary is being touted as the next president.  She sure didn't show me much as Secretary of State.  She was her usual lying egotistical self.  She is so full of power and ego that is all about her and only her.  She most certainly has no time for helping "we the people."  Funny how people forget about things like that, tho....isn't it.  Or, they just don't care.
Well, I don't know what it takes for the people of this country to wake up.  But, I am sure, at some point....there will be the final straw.  People will just say ...enough of this crap. 
In the movie, they finally did.  But, good people lost their lives before the "good guys" got it together and took care of the not so good. 
I love this community I live in.  There are so many honest, hard working people who aren't in it for the idea of being wealthy or rich....monetarily.  I don't think most of us have ever had those intentions.  We just want a decent life for ourselves and our family.  Most of the people in this community would do anything to help out their neighbor.  They are good people.  It is nice to live in a community of good, decent people who care about others.  Hopefully, we will always have that.  That is the one thing I don't want to change...ever....the good, decent...honest family people who will always have to work for what they get. 


  1. Our system is broken. There's no doubt about that. The powers that be want to be in control. The powers that be are the rich and powerful who want more money and more power. And they don't care who suffers as they attain their goals. I feel sorry for good people who live in large metropolitan areas who have absolutely no idea how to take care of themselves. So many people have lost the ability to be self-sufficient in even the most basic ways. I don't know what will have to happen to change our country back to being better. But more and more folks are waking up to what is really happening. And that is a good thing.

  2. And, now the Supreme court justices let big money really rule the roost. Bunch of stinking crooks all of them.....and, that's putting it nicely. With the current administration and their contempt for the Constitution, we are going to be in sad shape (sadder) if this crap doesn't stop. Hopefully, a few more wake up because some still believe every word......