Thursday, March 20, 2014

March 20, 2014 First Day of Spring!

It is officially the first day of Spring! is just another winter day here.  It even tried to snow a bit again this morning.  I have a feeling........we may be in for another of those years when spring just doesn't want to come.  It is still being grey sky weather a lot too.  Usually, I figure once we get in to January, tho it might be cold, we do have more sunshine and blue sky.  We have it in this photo, which I took Sunday.  It was a beautiful day.  It did start out at -20 degrees tho and didn't warm up much.  I was with a photographer friend and we were out "photographing" things all day. 
Here's a close up of that shot.  I really liked the reflections on the ice on that point.  In fact, had I had more time, I wouldn't have minded walking over there and taking some photos.
There are still "details" out on the big lake to be found too.  Some, that are in the full sun, have lost some of their sharpness.  But.....if one looks, they can find!
Here is another shot from Sunday, when we had sunshine.  Nothing has changed.....except that there is more snow.  It has snowed every day this week. 
I am a member of a photography group.  We are the "Frozen Photographers."  This week, our subject to shoot is "Signs of Spring."  Really.  I wonder where we are supposed to find those signs up here in the frozen northland!  I am sure some of the group can find some signs, as not all of us live up here.  The group is around 700 members now.  It made 500 shortly after I joined.  Some are from other counties.  Yes....some are finding signs of spring.  I just am not one of them.  I can't even find a lonely pussy willow yet.  But, one thing about being a member of the gets us out and trying to take the best subject photo of the week.  There's a subject for everyone sooner or later.  And....the members of the group are helpful.  If you have a's likely someone can answer it.   I really enjoy the group. 
Here is one more Sunday shot.  The blue sky wasn't quite as vivid late in the day and shortly after some clouds started moving in.  But, we did have a fun day.  Here's to more blue skies and new friends.  :)  Happy Spring....all! 


  1. To say spring is always slow coming to the north woods is an understatement, eh?

    Lovely pictures!

  2. Ummm....yes! :) I can remember way to many fishing openers, here....still iced in. But, there have been some fantastic ones too.