Thursday, March 13, 2014

March 13, 2014 March...Marching Along.......

A couple of nights ago, at the start of sunset, these beautiful rainbow clouds were going over.  I managed to capture one of them rather nicely.  Sometimes, it is hard to really catch the color you see.  One thing that always surprises me is the vivid greens you sometimes see.  There were a few again last night, but....they weren't as big or well colored.  I didn't realize so many people had never seen these, that's why I started this off with the cloud.
The rest of the sunset was rather dramatic too.  There was a lot of dark, I really wasn't expecting as much out of it as actually happened.  Later, just before last light.....we got some pink too.
Yesterday morning, I had a fox around that wasn't so shy....for a change.  I am hoping this is the start of something good again.  Haven't had serious fox friends for a couple of years now.  I took a few shots just to show the fox was here and busy.....awful lighting and scenery where it was busy.
Here, the fox is busy getting food out of the fox hole.  There is a snow chunk by its tail.  It was pretty comical watching it remove it.  When I was out for my walk with Toby, I had grabbed it and stood it up in the entrance......thinking it wasn't coming back.  I didn't want the crows making off with the treats. didn't stop the fox.....which was fine.
Picking and choosing....because it can.  Nice to have options when you're a hungry critter!  :)
It came back last evening just before six.  I went right out to stock the hole.  It moved over a couple of yards and watched me.  Hopefully, this is the start of a new friendship. 
This is Miz Spectacles and her buck fawn.  She is in foot stomping mode.  The little buck fawn of hers is my favorite fawn.  He is so friendly and so darned cute.  I just love having him around.
Speaking of favorite deer....Shadow.....decided to take a trip to the shore.  We last saw her on Sunday night.  I put the word out today.  Sounds like she went to revisit a spot in Hovland where she went a few years back.  It wasn't a particularly good experience for her.  She has rarely left the yard again....since.  But, all this crusted and hard on evidently getting the best of her and off she went.......looking for greener pastures!  That....she isn't going to find.  Hopefully, she manages to make it back safe and sound again.  She will be 7 this spring.....hopefully.  Her soon to be 3 years old daughter and  at least one fawn are with her.  Wish her luck! 
Now, back to a few other things before the ladies group goes snowshoeing today!  :)


  1. Count me in as one who has never before seen a rainbow cloud. Beautiful.

    What a thrill to have the visit from the fox. And he doesn't seem that shy if he didn't run for the hills when you came out. Here's hoping he's the start of a whole "herd" of them for you.

    May be a dumb question, but how do you know Shadow took off for the shore? And went to revisit a spot in Hovland where she went a few years back? Just curious.

    Hope you had a great snowshoeing adventure!

  2. I didn't. I was just guessing. Then, after describing her....knowing one gal wasn't back from her trip yet, another came on and said she had just seen her. I figured, being as how the wolves have been fairly respectful of "our" space......they weren't likely to have nailed 3 from one one night. I think all the snow is just getting the best of her....and, she should know better. She went to Chicago Bay once before in the winter ....and got some treats and attention....I am sure she remembers that.
    Yes....I would like a whole family of foxes again.... :)

  3. By the way, Shadow is where I figured. Person is home now....and Shadow is getting treats elsewhere for a while.