Monday, April 1, 2013

April 1, 2013 April Fools.......Not!

I was out walking on the beach with Toby the other day, looking at remnants of what was some beautiful ice formations.  We had had some rain and everything up here that wasn't soggy, knee deep snow was, the beaches it was.  I was up on one of the old ice mounds and looked down at this puddle on the ice....the reflections were so neat.....   However, it was a foggy day and there wasn't much contrast.  So, in a photo they don't stand out as much.  If I tried using contrast on the computer, it just made it darker grey all, you have to look.....but, it was a neatly framed puddle with its own picture in it.  I thought it was pretty neat.  :)
I just mentioned to a friend.....I don't have any "April Fool" jokes anymore.  When I was a kid.....I think my mom got me every year.  Even when I remembered it was April Fools Day......even if she had to wait a while......she'd get me.  Sometimes it was something that  could easily be happening; like a deer in the yard.  Of course, we would come running to see the deer and hear......"April Fool!"
Sometimes....I miss some of those old tricks!
That same day I was out and took the above photo....I got back to one of the ice caves that was so neat too.  The snow was melting down and it was kind of wet inside.....but, now I could get all the way in to it, not just Toby.  I was inside of there, taking some neat photos of the view looking out.  It wasn't a big contrast thing since it was foggy......but, it still had the neat turquoise color inside and less icicles to bump my head on.  They wouldn't have been as showy as the last time I was barely in the entrance looking out.  But.....I was in....all the way to the now also bigger back.  After I got out, I had Toby come in and he did and laid right down where I asked problem. I took about a dozen photos from inside and then from outside looking at Toby laying back in there.....and.....they were all solid black!  Boy, was I perturbed.  The "best" stuff of the day....not there.  I still have absolutely no idea what happened or what I could have possibly done.  I had shut the camera off while I got out and Toby got in .....the cave!  So....what the heck!!  I could go back and try it again, on the chance that it is still there.  But, as windy as it was yesterday, who knows.  Stuff was breaking off right and left.  I saw a big ore boat coming at an angle towards shore yesterday we headed over to my brother's place for Easter Potluck.  That was some fierce wind!
Here's a photo I took that same day.  You can actually see the sun in that fog bank on a larger photo.  I was in the area and not too far away to not go see what this was looking, I did.  Late afternoon, waves, bit of sun, fog.....does give a certain mood to the whole thing. 
This morning, with 15 degrees out after several days of 40 + degrees and some rain thrown in, we had snow as hard as concrete.  It was such a fun time out going wherever we wanted on top of the snow.  Toby hasn't experienced this all that often.  But, he sure was enjoying it today.  No wallowing around in belly deep snow.....just go, explore....enjoy.  We had a wonderful walk to start the day.  The sun is trying and it is only partly cloudy out, maybe it won't get all that warm today.  That might mean an afternoon walk to meander wherever we darn please too.  I'll hope! 

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  1. We walked out to get the mail this morning and Tucker was in his glory. You can imagine with his short little stubby legs he is not all that mobile in the snow. But today he could go anywhere. And, boy, did he enjoy it! Up over the plowed banks on the side of the driveway, across the field as far as he wanted to go, into the woods to sniff out all those good smells on the deer trails. It was even nicer for us as these colder temps have dried up the mud on the driveway and we had easy walking in all but a few spots.