Friday, March 29, 2013

March 29, 2013 Won't be pretty ice much longer!

I am going to add some in the larger size today, tho I know once published, won't fit inside the edges like they do so perfectly while I am writing this.  Facebook is still not allowing me, and several others around here, to add photos.  I haven't been able to add anything since Wednesday, mid-day.  This photo I took yesterday, Thursday the 28th.  Anything in the sun is deteriorating really fast.  You look at those long icicles and see how soft they are.  They were probably gone by the end of the day, yesterday, as it hit 40 degrees fairly early.  It is warming up really fast from 20 degrees toward 40 this morning too.
It was, in fact, so nice yesterday....Toby was in the water not once, but four times.  He couldn't quite make himself swim, or lay down....tho I saw him thinking about was just too cold yet.  But, you can see he is quite enjoying being in the water again.
Here you have Toby looking at the large chunks of snow and ice that are just falling off and breaking apart now.  Almost makes you think of the large glaciers calving.  Looked neat, anyway. 
Here is another shot of some of the gorgeous, a couple of days ago, icicles.....having turned soft and frosty looking.  They will be melted and gone within a day or two also.  As fun as they are to find and look gets to the point a person is ready for spring too.  The nice sunny days are welcome!
I found a shady spot with another variation of these too....on long shelf of them.  They were so pretty and as mentioned.....completely in the shade.  I will also show a closeup.  I could get closer to these so you can better see the detail.  Oops, I did the detail first and now below is the fuller view!

Anyway, this one, done up large, is quite striking with the reflections on the rocks and water.  I don't expect to be seeing much, if any  more this season.  But, the weather varies so much....never say never.  I might get a surprise.  It won't be long and I will be out finding Spring things to photograph.
Enjoy the ice......some of them are quite the works of nature's art.


  1. You sure do make me want to get out and see more of these late winter/early spring sights that you enjoy on an every day basis. There truly is so much beauty in nature, isn't there?

  2. There sure is. I love that saying...."Ain't nature grand!" Because, there is no improving on a lot of it! :)