Thursday, April 4, 2013

April 4, 2013 Memories of yesterday.........

Yesterday, Toby and I took a walk down memory to speak.  I was at my mom's in the morning and we played our usual Wednesday Scrabble.  Good for both of us to keep the mind in shape!  Plus, we've both been Scrabble fans a long, both my grandmas also liked to play!
It also gives us quiet time to visit and talk world events without so much noise and interruption.  But, after Scrabble, Toby and I go on our daily adventure.  Since I was there....and didn't know what I should do for the day.....I thought, why not walk the whole bay like I used to when I was a kid.  The river is frozen so we can walk across and keep on going.  So, we did.
I had forgotten, until I got across the river, about the sand that had washed in from somewhere.  And, such nice, fine sand it is.  I discovered it early last year when I was out on the paddleboard, having left from my mother's place.  I thought, wow....where did that all come from.  Now, with the lower water levels.....there is a sizable sand beach and more to come when the snow and ice finishes melting.  Toby absolutely loved it.  Can you tell?  He ran up and down the sand beach, because he could.   I will definitely have to take him to this spot a lot more once the snow is gone and he can seriously swim and also play with his water frisbee.  He loves that toy to pieces.  There were even some fresh deer tracks on the nice sand.  I guess they like the feel of that under their feet too.
Anyway, off ...... down the beach we went.  We got down in to the corner of the bay and around to where the commercial fisherman used to live when I was a kid.  It is kind of hard to see these neat old places go into disrepair and ruin.  So many memories there.
When I was a kid, besides the old dock here....mostly gone.....there was also a fishhouse.  Kenny or John would clean fish in there and all the cats would be sitting around waiting for their treats.  In fact, I remember one Halloween going to the house and Dolly showing us the baby kittens in the dresser drawer inside.  They were so cute. 
Being fishermen, and our neighbors across the bay......they sometimes brought us treats like some fresh smoked herring or some pickled fish they had made.  Homemade, fresh pickled fish is so much better than what you will buy in a store.  For one thing, it isn't mushy.  It is soooo good!
I also remember the summer day they got in from picking nets and called us to come and see what they had caught that morning.....a sturgeon.  Wow!  We were so excited to get to see that before they released it back into Lake Superior. 
Anyway......things don't remain the same.  There is just change, and more change....constant, never ending.  It is the one thing you can count on these days......change!
We continued out to the  area at the end of the point where the new houses begin.  They used to own that land out there too.'s big houses.  Different.  So....Toby and I turned around and headed back toward "home."  (My old home as a kid!)
Of course, part of the rest of the bay is different now too.  There are houses along here that weren't there when I was a kid.  All that sand wasn't there either.  If it had been.....I wouldn't have forgotten about it.  Anyway, Toby was taking full advantage of this wonderful play spot....just in case he never gets there again.  But....he will.  I promised!

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  1. A lovely post. Lately, I've been hearing about and made aware of a lot of change that makes me very sad. Yes, change is inevitable, but it's not all good.