Sunday, March 3, 2013

March 3, 2013 The days are getting longer......

It's this kind of a day out.  Clear, sunny, was -10 below 0 this morning but quickly made its way up to the usual 20 degrees we have been having lately.  I took this one yesterday; but, I have been looking at a lot of these pretty views lately.  Always chasing the interesting ice bridge or cave.  I haven't found any I could get in to when I was at them this year.  The two I did find were on days the lake was too rough to try it.  Not to icy it is on these edges trying, anyway!
Here is a neat ice tunnel I found in a rather unlikely spot yesterday.  I took this one standing up, looking through it.  I took another while laying on the ice looking through it which really gave it a kind of eerie look.  I suppose it was about 4' through.  It wasn't, unfortunately, as  close to the water as I would have liked.  It also wasn't pointed in the right direction to catch either a sunrise or sunset coming through it.  Oh was still pretty neat. 
Now, that our days are getting longer, we have to stay out a lot later to catch a sunset.  So, this time of year the chasing photos can get me a bit off schedule.  Of course, it means getting up earlier all the time to get someplace on time too!  Then, weekend....just when we are getting used to the more light in the mornings...we have to switch to daylight savings time, already!  I still think that April is early enough to do that, myself!
Here is one from a couple of mornings ago when I wasn't going anywhere before dawn.  I got up and realized we were having some fantastic sky over our yard and didn't even take the time to get dressed first and put on socks.  Bare feet and out the door I went....and, oh what a pretty sight.  I also was thinking....jeez, it's cold out here.  I looked at the thermometer when I got in and it was below 0.  No wonder!  It had been around 15 degrees each morning when I had gotten up, lately.  But, I got the shot.  If I had waited until I was all set for outside, I'd have missed it.  They don't last forever.......
Well, back to finishing chores.  By then, maybe I will decide what Toby and I should go check out today!  Adventuring dog needs his know!   :)

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