Tuesday, March 12, 2013

March 12, 2013 March Funk!

Once a week, I take all my orchids to the sink for maintenance and such.  It is such a grey, snowy day, I thought I would try using my macro lens to photograph a few.  Well.....low light, etc.....I should have used a tripod.  I didn't.  Most were just a tad blurry because shutter speed was so slow.  I have quite a few blooming right now....so, they look cheerful, spread around the house. 
Anyway....speaking of "funk" ......   well, it's been just grey and snowy or both the last number of days.  It isn't like the snow is bad.....we can use the moisture in the ground.  When the snow starts to accumulate this late in the season, at least the wildlife doesn't have such a bad time.  My deer "herd" was most certainly ready for breakfast this morning.  I got up to at least 50 standing around the yard looking for me.  "Skinny Butt" had his spot scraped clean of snow and was standing by it, waiting expectantly.  He is living up to his name these days.....he can eat, when he is eating....but, having a hot girl around has most certainly made him run his butt off again.  Being the biggest and oldest male in the area, he has to defend his title....I guess.  Things are quieting down again in that respect anyway.  So.....I can work on putting some meat on his skinny butt again!  :)
Back to the photography, Sunday morning was just like a black and white photograph.  I kind of like the look of those days.  Everything is a black and white ........ without even trying.  
Toby and I had really been on a roll, exploring and photographing....really getting out there.  Then this grey took over.  I think even he has been a bit disappointed.  You should have seen how excited he was when I got out the camera this morning.  He thought...oh boy, this is it.  Then.....I just stayed inside photographing flowers!  How disappointing was that.....
Red Rock Bay.

Here are a couple of photos I took on Friday.  Red Rock Bay I took on the way to Thunder Bay.  
The sun was out at the time and it looked to be a beautiful day.  By the time I was coming home, 
the sun had gone away and the clouds were out heavily.   Hollow Rock will always be pretty.  But,
it would have been much more so with a bit of color.  The hole on the west side was completely iced 
in.  I had never seen that happen before.  But, I don't get there that often either.  Need to go there in the kayak again.  That is always a fun trip.  But, it's a while til kayak season on Lake Superior yet.
I will leave you with a hazy sunset from a couple of nights ago.  I almost headed to the shore of Lake Superior.  It maybe would have been bright enough to color the lake a bit.  You never know with sunsets.  They are always fun to watch.                                                                                                


  1. Love the Hollow Rock picture. Yellow (could that be a more luscious color?) orchid is gorgeous, too.

  2. Your orchid is wonderful! Flowers in the house this time of year help cure the cabin fever. I am so ready for spring. My Christmas cactus is fixin' to bloom again. I guess it's duel(duo?) purpose-Christmas and Easter. Love your pics of the Lake.