Thursday, February 28, 2013

February 27, 2013 Deer and other things....

Skinny Butt....with his the "magic door"....this morning.  I was just wondering about what people observe when they look at deer, or other animals, for that matter.  Do they just see another deer?  Or, do you ever notice the differences in the individual you can tell them apart.  Look at the legs on the narrow the legs are to flare into bigger feet.  This one has a swelling in his front left knee joint too.  I had another favorite buck, for years, who had the same swollen knee joint.  They are all so individual! 
This is a young doe, that I haven't named, one of "Red Doe's" daughters...that will have her first fawn this spring.  Notice the difference in the leg to hoof!  It isn't at all, the same.
Back to "Skinny Butt" now, who is an older buck....notice his "toupee" on top of his head in the area where antlers will be.  You can also notice the antler bumps.  But, besides his nice, colored hair piece, have you ever noticed on the larger bucks, in particular, they seem to build a heavier skull area there, to support a big set of antlers.  I could go get a book on the issue.  Seems to me I remember they even have a term for it....but, I forget what it is called.  Anyway, I was watching my friends this morning after I fed them....and observed them....and wonder what other people notice when they see them.
Also.....first time here in about 3 years, I think it is now......I have a doe that didn't get bred.  I had noticed one of the bucks tearing around here like he was nuts yesterday, tongue hanging out, the works.  I kept an eye on him and how he was behaving, especially around the other bucks.  It wasn't until just about dark yesterday, I saw him again, now following a specific doe....soon, mounting her.  I guess by now, with all the deer I have watched for so many years, I have a pretty good handle on what is going on.  Well, he is still guarding her from the other bucks this morning.  .......which brought me to my next thought.....once a doe doesn't get bred on time......and has her fawn really, really late.....does she ever get back on schedule again?  I am curious.  I know one year some people just over the hill from me had a fawn born in the fall. It went through winter so tiny.  Just a few days ago someone else was telling me about the tiny fawn they had hanging nearby. 
Am expecting my husband will be back from Thunder Bay within the next hour, if all goes well.  He had to go visit the farmer up there and get another load of alfalfa to keep all our friends happy until snow melts and green up happens.  That first big load we got in November was really exceptional this year and the deer sure have appreciated that.  I believe it is the nicest we have ever had.  Plus, it is nice in the fact they eat it up.  We usually have huge piles of stems left to clean up in the spring.  Oh, there will still be some....but, a lot less. 

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  1. I can tell you that I never notice the differences until I've spent some time with you watching them :)