Friday, March 15, 2013

March 15, 2013 Interesting Discussions......

Since it is rather greying up out there,  I decided we needed another day brightener at the top of this.
Another of my currently blooming orchids! I do love my orchids and they usually please me by blooming at least twice every year.
The other day when I was out hiking with Toby to a place to photograph ice and explore a bit, we came across a serious blood trail crossing the path we were on.  Toby, was of course, fascinated by this and the smells.  We had been following several large wolf tracks and there was plenty of fresh wolf scat too.  They had been busy.  I told him to come on and we continued on our way.
Toby hasn't gotten to see a lot of that type of thing....or shall I say smell it.  Some of my other dogs did and quite often.  It isn't something you run on to every day; however, sometimes, it can happen a lot in a relatively short time frame.
One gal wanted to know how I dared walk all the places I do with Toby....since, most who know me know I am usually by myself.  I told her, I go prepared.....for whatever.  The "whatever" being wolves a majority of the time.  For all the up close and personal encounters I have had, with and without my dogs, with and without a gun, I have never had to use it.  A couple of times.....I gotta tell was  tempting.  Wolves that behave in that manner make people nervous.  I have had them at 10 feet or less, more than once.....again, with and without dogs.
One big issue for me, even if I really wanted to pull that trigger.....and actually was within my rights....even tho it hadn't attacked, yet...... well, I have always had bird dogs.  Hunting dogs in other words!  If I had shot that would have meant, to the dog, fair game.  They would have, from that point on, chased that smell......which I had previously trained them to a "NO" on, even going so far as to use a shock "tree it"....or something, so I could shoot it.  Did I want that to thank you.
One of the hairiest, I think, was when Casey, my lab/golden mix, was 4 months old.  Willie, my black lab, a hundred and ten pounds of solid muscle, was leading.  It was a Columbus day holiday so I was off work and clear back in the sticks on a deer trail hunting grouse.  Casey, such a cute little squirt, was learning the tricks from pro Willie!  Anyway, as we were moseying down this deer trail, all of a sudden a deer come flying down the trail right at us.  She barely ran around us and didn't even slow down.  Here come the wolf.....right behind it.  Oh crap!  I grabbed Willie by the collar, pretty much sat on Casey, ....he was between my legs and I was trying to keep him any rate, and had the shotgun in my other hand.  A single shot .410 shotgun.  Wow!  So, you picture sitting on the puppy while holding the collar of a mad black lab with my left hand and the shotgun in my right hand, with the safety now off.  The wolf was at 10 feet and still coming at this point.  Then, Willie couldn't stand it any longer and with a mighty pull jerked free of me.  He tore after that wolf, which was luckily a youngster....tho by October, decent sized...and it ran.  I yelled at Willie who finally came"did I do good, or what!"  Well, I guess he did.  Everyone was safe and sound.  It didn't mean we didn't have a few moments there.....
One other time was after Casey was full grown, with Willie, and we ran in to one in November.  Both dogs got on either side of the big old lone wolf.  I could have whacked that wolf with my rifle.....
Oh my word.....can I yell if I need to.....and I did.  I told those dogs to get over here  NOW!   And, they did.  Drop my teeth!  (Not really....mine are my own.....but, you get the point!)  I never, to this day, know what transpired there.  I never heard a sound out of the wolf and the dogs came and stood by me as the wolf walked off.  But, evidently someone gave off some vibes that said everyone better mind their Ps &Qs.
So.....two of the times, with dogs along, that turned out well.  It happens.  I am thankful for that.
We ended the conversation with maybe she should try that so she could go more often too.    And, you know what....usually....I said USUALLY, it turns out ok.
This is one of the photos I took after crossing the blood trail and getting to the beach.  It was such an absolutely gorgeous day out there.  I broke a few icicles getting in this ice cave.  I could have used just a bit more room.  Oh well....I fit!  :)   Toby was on top of it, waiting for me.......   :)


  1. Now those are a couple of good wolf stories! I wonder how different the scenario would have been with the dogs if it had been more than one wolf . . . two or three of them together? You are one cool cucumber, Foxy Lady, for being able to handle those situations the way you did!

    So, so interesting to hear of your daily exploits in the woods. Keep 'em comin'!

  2. Out walking Kirby with Toby on "Kirby's" trails today. Finally hit one of those days I had heard about over there....wolf smell is so strong, Kirby didn't like it. He didn't like it, at all, today. He would look at me, wait, see I was ok, and come again. We played musical chairs on the trail for about half a mile. A little blood in the trail...guessing a broken toenail on the wolf, or something....but, we never saw it. And, Kirby didn't turn around and go home. Anyway, ok day and well exercised dogs. :)