Tuesday, March 19, 2013

March 19, 2013 More wintery weather!

This, is an ice volcano on the shore of Lake Superior.  If this weather continues, we will have some interesting ice formations on the shore for a while to come, yet! 
This morning was almost 20 degrees.  However, the wind is fierce out there....combined with about 5" of fresh snow......it's a pretty blustery, wintery day.  Sunday morning I had -20 below 0 again.  At least on Sunday, when I took this photo, and a few others I will post.....it was sunny and warmed up fast.  It made 0 in a couple hours and was around 12 degrees in the afternoon when I headed out with Toby for adventures on the shore.
Here is Toby in one of the larger ice caves we discovered.  It was a bit farther in from the lake as more ice had piled in on the lake side.  It was easy to walk down onto the flat and in to the cave.  He didn't argue about getting in it for a photo.  He generally doesn't like going in them at all. They are always so pretty with the turquoise and aquamarine shades the ice picks up on shore.  Love them!
Here is a snowscape that starts right where the right hand side of the above ice cave is .  I thought it was kind of neat to have just ice, snow and sky.   Lay down on your belly and you can get some different perspectives on things......  Then too....sometimes when I do that, I manage to get my horizon line all out of kilter.  I didn't on this horizontal photo.  I also tried a couple of verticles and I got both of them way crooked.  They showed more of the glorious blue sky.  Oh well.....that's life!
There was just enough plate ice moving in along shore to make for some fun shots too.  I always enjoy finding this.  Sometimes, the pieces can be pretty big.  They were just all average sized this time.  Since it was later in the day, I didn't get quite as many shades of color in them either. 
At any rate, I may have a few good days of hunting ice to go yet.  Thursday is the ladies' hiking day again.  I think, for a change, we are going to hike on the Lake Superior shore.  I mentioned a spot and none of them had ever been there..... So, I am hoping for a nice day so they can enjoy it.  I sure always do, any season.
I will leave you with a shot of some ice caves that were pretty much in the shade, not to say, right on the waters' edge.....on Sunday.  I had hoped to go back for some sunrise shots of these and some other things, like the volcano, which had developed a small hole in the bottom lake side.  However, both yesterday and this morning were completely cloudy.  Usually, these nice formations don't last long.  That is one thing about lake ice on Superior, they are forever changing and finding a nice formation that can last very long isn't easy.  So, we will see what the next sunny morning I can go out on can bring.  Enjoy the winter weather........while it lasts!

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  1. Gorgeous pictures, Foxy Lady! Good to see Toby cooperated and went into the ice cave for that one shot. Otherwise, I would have thought the cave to be much smaller than it actually was. As always, thanks for sharing.