Tuesday, February 26, 2013

February 26, 2013 Beautiful February mornings!

I have taken so many gorgeous sunrise and before sunrise photos these last three mornings, I didn't know where to start.  So, you have the first one I took this morning.  Different!  However, it was there and I decided to use it. 
The last two mornings, not having curtains in our bedroom, the bright moon woke me up at 5:00 a.m.
This morning, it was 4:30.  Sunday, I had a place scoped out and was ready to do the sunrise bit if the wind wasn't howling...which it wasn't...so, off I went.  Next morning was a repeat of another place I had checked out.  This morning....well, there were still a couple of places on my list......so, since I was awake, what the heck.  Off we went.  Toby has been right there, ready to go each morning.  Mind you, the dog sort of looks at me as I pet him on the way by to get critter food each morning.  He doesn't stir until I am done and ready to take him for a walk.  He has been ready early all three mornings. 
And, since the colors have been so gorgeous, I am giving you the big version, even tho it runs off the edge of the blog.  When I am typing and getting it ready, before publishing, it fits perfectly, with margins and everything.
Both yesterday morning and this morning......I had some good color.  Yesterday was the most brilliant of the three mornings.  Today was the actual "red sky in morning, sailors take warning......." kind of bright red sun morning.  I took closeups of the sun and color in the sky immediately around it....really giving an intense look and they sure have taken hits on my site.  So, I will show you one of those too.
Of course, once it is more than halfway up, the camera doesn't take the red color any more.  The first two this a.m. actually did show more red.  That seems to be really hard to capture.  I wonder if they can turn it red in PhotoShop.  Since I don't have it and have never used it, I don't know.  In fact, the sky has been so gorgeous the last few mornings....why would anyone need PhotoShop?  I always say "Ain't Nature Grand?" all by itself without the use of PhotoShop? 
Speaking of such....I may take a class, one of these days...just to learn some new tricks.  I would like to learn the one where you are able to take something ugly out of a photo and replace it with some weeds......or something to that effect.  I have taken photos of critters in the yard, a number of times, where it would be soooo gorgeous....and there is a septic pipe, or electric box, or something in the photo.  I would take them out and have it perfect!  We shall see.......
I will leave you with one more of the anchor...because I can...sailor's warning and all.  I don't have props like this available every morning......so, enjoy it!   I just couldn't resist playing with the sun and the angles of it. 

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  1. Wow, wow and wow! You getting yourself out of bed early in the morning is certainly worth it! Wow.