Thursday, January 24, 2013

January 24, 2013 It's still winter!

It's still winter out there!  It was -20 degrees again this morning.  However, it did make it all the way to 2 degrees today.  That's a heat wave, this week.  I am hoping for a lot more interesting ice formations to start forming on Lake Superior with the cold weather hanging on these last few days.  I so enjoy walking the beaches looking at what nature has created.  We haven't had any serious ice on Lake Superior in a couple of years now.  That does limit what forms on the shores.  However, a couple of other photographers have managed to find some pancake ice in a couple of the local coves.  I love that stuff.  It is so photogenic. 
Toby and I had another long walk this afternoon.  The wind settled down and it has been trying to make some snow.  However, it is so light and fine, it hasn't amounted to anything.  Our serious hike with the ladies in the community got postponed until Monday.  So, I don't mind if we don't get measurable snow until after that.  I walked the whole route I plan to take them yesterday.  It wasn't bad going at all for late January.  They would snowshoe, they say.....however, they haven't seen the route.  I suspect if we got half way up the hill on snowshoes, that would be as far as most of them would be willing to go.  I have done that route on snowshoes and it ain't easy!
Now that I have a bit more time on my hands.....I have been thinking about trying to find some new and interesting place to go do some winter photography too.  Of course, it has to be in the general area I live.  I'm sure there must be something someone has overlooked over the years.  I just haven't figured out, yet, what or where it is. 
I, along with some of the others whose blogs I read, have even been trying more new recipes lately.  Some of them have been pretty tasty too.  I sure am thankful for all the vegies I put up this summer too.  I was hearing on the news that the prices of a number of the green lettuces and spinach were going sky high because of bad weather.  I do like my salads! 
Back to projects!  :)

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