Tuesday, January 22, 2013

January 22, 2013 It's COLD out there!

Not a great photo....but, birds don't necessarily cooperate just because you want them too....and getting them to sit on the railing when the sun is in the right place doesn't usually work either.  It was cold and they were hungry.  But, it was that kind of a morning.  It was a full -30 degrees below 0 at 3:00 when I got up....restless night.....had to get up and walk around a couple of times so I would hopefully settle down and sleep again.  By the time I actually got up at 7:00 a.m. ..... yes, slept in this a.m. because I finally was and knew it was cold.....it was only -28.  Wow!  Winter is here.  I walked around and looked out the windows as the coffee was cooking.  The deer had some of the frostiest faces I had ever seen.  However, it was too dark, yet, to photograph them so it would show.  They were also really fluffed up!  Almost hard to recognize who was who this a.m.
Here is a photo of the heated bird bath this morning.  In fact, that big frosty rim never melted off all day.  Only the red squirrels and the bluejays were managing drinks.  I tried to get photos of them but was never quick enough.  The bluejays are about the only bird who won't let me get close enough in that window to take a good photo of them.  They are too skittish.
I also should have taken a photo of Toby when we came in from our walk this morning, after I fed all the critters.  He had the frostiest face I have seen on him in a long time.
It definitely has been a good couple of days for getting things done in the house tho.  Today, baked cookies and put some venison soup on the stove to cook.  I also had a long walk with Toby this afternoon.  We had to go check out the trail up the hill to see what condition it is in after the snow and wind of the last few days.  I have a group of ladies who want to hike up there and see the views on Thursday morning.  Not til 11:00....so, it will have some time to warm up if it is so inclined.  Trails are still very hikeable without snowshoes on.  So, this is good, I guess.
Here is one of my frosty faced girls after the sun came up a bit.  Most of the frost has melted off her face and back by now.  However, there is still enough to be noticeable.  The little fawn had most all of his off his face by the time I took it.  But, her big stretch was so cute I couldn't resist.
Well, since it made it all the way to -5 today, maybe it won't be quite so cold tonight.  Yesterday my high was -18 with a stiff wind besides.  That  wasn't real pleasant but still ok when dressed properly for it.  I have a big fluffy wolverine fur hat with tail on and all....I wear when it is that cold.  However, it has to come off when I go feed the deer.  They don't like that thing on my head and eyeball me with serious suspicion.  Animals do pay attention.    But then, so do I.  :)


  1. I was thinking about the deer last night and hoping they all found places out of the wind to settle down in. So here's a question from someone who doesn't know nature like you do: On a frigid night (like those we've been having) do the deer bed down to conserve their body heat or do they roam around foraging for fuel for their body?

  2. That depends on a number of things. Many times they will snuggle under the evergreens for cover and warmth. I imagine it depends on what they have had to eat that day, too. However, on cold nights (or some warmer ones), if the moon cycle is such that it is bright or fairly light all night, the deer will be out eating all night too. Last night was one of those nights. I got up and checked the outside temps several times. The yard was full of deer working on the alfalfa. Being it had been cold, they were out there a lot of the day too. Plus, on those really nasty wind days/nights....they can't hear as well because it is so noisy so they tend to be more restless and alert anyway. But, on cold, snowy, wintery days like the last couple...they have darned good appetites. :)

  3. Oh you're so lucky to have all those Pine Grosbeaks! Such a beautiful bird.
    I also have that same birdbath -- it's been outside (24/7) for years and still working great!