Saturday, January 26, 2013

January 26, 2013 Snow, glorious snow!

We woke up yesterday morning to a nice fluffy blanket of new snow.  It seemed to be about 6" in the open areas.  It sure did look pretty out there, everything looking clean and white again.  It also brought the deer out in larger numbers.  When a snowstorm goes through, they generally get in a mood for some serious eating.  You won't find hardly a stem of the alfalfa left on the ground.  It also warmed up to the 10-14 degree range for the day, so it was pretty darned nice outside.  No wind either!  What a deal.
Since it was such a pretty day, Toby and I headed off up our hill again to the Superior Hiking Trail.  There is a decent amount of snow on the trail now.  However, with this newest batch being so fluffy, it was no problem to walk through it, yet, without wearing snowshoes.  Toby didn't even have any problems and it was belly deep for him.  In fact, a couple of times, he broke trail!  It was also a pretty day for taking some panoramic views that are to be seen from up on top of the hill.
Here is one view from atop the hill.  It is one of the overlooks on the Superior Hiking Trail where you can see the next ridge south before getting to Lake Superior too.  The big white space is part of the creek/beaver pond area east of my house where I go skiing on a regular basis.....when we have snow!
It is a gorgeous spot at any I never tire of seeing.
I will leave you  with one see Toby in distance at end of tracks....of where we hit the top of the hill.  This is the area where the Superior Hiking Trail crosses our property.  It is a lovely spot and a nice place for my trail to join it.  I will tell you,  I was breathing a little harder yesterday when I hit the top.  With new snow to slog through and my camera gear in a packsack so it didn't fill up with snow, I did have a bit more weight than usual.  But, getting the heart rate up isn't a bad thing.  I sure notice how much easier it is to climb that hill in the summer in running shoes and light clothes tho, than in winter with all the extra gear and boots on.  :)

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  1. Oh! Good to know that hiking has seemed hard because of the extra winter gear and heavy boots on . . . rather than me being out of shape! (Hee-hee.)

    Aren't we about the luckiest people to have such wonderful trails, glorious scenery and safe places right outside our door in which to get healthy exercise and breathe good, clean air? (Animals are kinda fortunate, too!)