Saturday, January 19, 2013

January 19, 2013 It's snowing!

It's snowing, again.  Two days in a!  We ended up with a decent accumulation, which we are going to need when we drop down in the deep freeze in another day.  They are talking, seriously, about -20 below 0.  Since, only a couple days ago, we had -12 degrees and it never even got to 0 all day, we did have a preview.  However, it has been pretty mild, so that is going to feel pretty cold....  especially if we get the predicted nasty wind with it.  We shall is winter!
We got enough snow, yesterday, we finally could ski again.  A friend came over and we hit the trails and left a pretty fine set of tracks.  We have enough snow again, those tracks won't be too evident.
Just as an example, usually the squirrels are running all over the yard on top of the snow.  One of the first ones I saw was really struggling to run across because it couldn't stay on top.  Soon, in a matter of a few minutes, we saw two different squirrels go across the yard, under the snow.  About every 3-8 feet, it would pop its head out, I suppose to see it was still going the right direction, and under and off it went again.  Funny!
The snow also got the wolves out circulating, looking for a meal.  While skiing yesterday, we saw the fresh tracks of a couple over east.  This morning, they were circulating around the yard area again.  My husband saw it.   The few deer that were circulating around, were gone, that fast.
The birds also seem pretty active this morning.  All the feeders are full of bluejays, redpolls, pine grosbeaks, chickadees, nuthatches, and squirrels!  Tis the season.
Besides skiing, looks like another good day to hit the quilt.  Off and at it.......


  1. The next few days will be a good time to get the quilting done. I wish I could just snuggle down and read, but our critters probably wouldn't like that. My plan-to get chores done as quickly as possible and come in and enjoy the woodstove. :)

  2. Yes, got in a run on the skis, which pooped out the dog in all that snow, got the decks and steps shoveled, husband got the old Allis Chalmers out and plowed the driveway...all done by 2:30. Wind is already picking up pretty good here and temperature has dropped 10 degrees already.

  3. Good thing we don't have a bird-phobia! The action at our feeders has been amazing. We have all the species you do except the blue jays. Mr. and Mrs. Cardinal have been around all day today which is kinda unusual. Also have some crows looking for whatever they can find. And one female pine grosbeak has been hanging around for a couple of days.

    We had a very large timber wolf on our driveway yesterday. This morning we see a lot of wolf prints all around. Also lots of deer tracks so let's hope they continue to co-exist peacefully. But you know the wolves have got to be hungry and need fuel to keep warm in this frigid weather!

  4. My brother and his wife, out here, had a male cardinal around for a while. I haven't been so lucky yet this year. Does seem there have been more around than usual throughout the county this winter tho. That is good. They are so gorgeous. Yes, our wolf is in and out. I am sure, in this year of not much far....that they are being rather hungry. However, I am not about to agree on them doing their hunting in my yard, which has happened a few times too many. Everyone definitely has an appetite today in this cold. -18 below 0 appears to be our high today as it is almost 2:30 and has only moved up 3 degrees all day. Toby and I just got in from our 2 mile + walk. We walked the county road today tho instead of tromping thru the snow. That just makes me expend more energy and breathe harder (which is usually fine) which steams up my glasses....not so fine. So, we are in for a few until I go give the critters their afternoon treats. :)