Thursday, January 17, 2013

January 17, 2013 Quilts

Ok....what do you think of that!?  A friend wanted to see a photo or two of what I am currently working on.  So, this is it.  A "crazy quilt" started by my grandma years ago.  I even gave you the photo is a large size so you can really see it.  These are a few of the strips laying over the ironing board as I put them together.  I have a few strips to go.  It will be quite large as the squares, before I started sewing them together, were 14".  There are velvets, brocades, satins, seersuckers, all sorts of types of fabrics on a muslin backing.  There is hand done stitching around each piece of fabric.
Here is a detail shot so you can see it even better....not quite clear...I see...hadn't noticed until I got it on here.  So, after I get the squares and strips all sewed together, then the next issue is how to finish it off between the squares.  Since I am never going to make it look exactly like what my grandmother was doing, I can't decide whether to get some embroidery thread and try doing that feather stitch between all the squares, or just leave it. I am open to all suggestions.  It is a wild and crazy thing, anyway.
I have been looking at this pile of squares for several years now....maybe 5, I can't remember for sure, being somewhat intimidated by the whole thing.  My mother had them for how many years and just couldn't get inspired about this style.  Well, too much work had gone into it to not put it, here you have it.  Since it is cold out today, -12 below 0 with a stiff wind, I think I will get back at sewing squares together.  Toby and I did have a walk, as always, but....even he is content to cuddle up on his bed along side my computer right now.  He definitely had a better pace going this morning....maybe he thought it was brisk out there too.  Coldest morning this could be!
Here is a detail photo of the first quilt I did.  I call it "log cabin picture window" style.  I was going to show you the whole view, but the lighting is so bad in there right now, it didn't work.  You can see the sun coming through the window on the top of the bed here.  It was bright sunshine across the middle and the rest shadowed and dark.   Some other day when I get in a quilt mode, then I can show you some other stuff I have done.  So, you can see what my tastes and styles tend to go toward.......looking at this small detail.  Then.......there's the crazy quilt!
I had to go back in and edit the photo size.  I had them larger; but, when published, came off the edge of the right hand side of the blog.  That looked strange.  So, I came back in and downsized them a notch.  Now....I'm done.  :)

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  1. I don't have any advice on the crazy quilt, but I love it.