Wednesday, January 16, 2013

January 16, 2013 Sunshine on my shoulders.....

Yesterday looked like such a beautiful day......after our grey and rains, I thought it would be a good day for Toby and I to go adventuring to an area we visit often, but go the other direction.  There is an old fish house on the point that belonged to people no longer with us.  A fire there, a while back, left no building left to live in and it is pretty much vacant.  It is such a gorgeous spot. we went.  Toby saw me load the camera so he knew it was adventure time.  He always gets so excited when he sees me loading that.  I don't know which excites him more, the camera or the shotgun.  One thing for sure, the camera has a longer "season" than the shotgun does. 
The wind had been picking up all day, so we had the pleasure of decent waves to capture besides.  I was glad I had dressed as warmly as I had.  I planned to get there just before 3:00 for some late day sun on the subject.  I had never been here this time of day before in the winter, so I didn't know where the sun was going to set.  Turned out, not in the right place.  That area was behind too many trees and we got heavy clouds by that time anyway.  But, back to the afternoon......sunny and was pretty nice on the beach, despite the strong wind.  My eyes were doing their usual teary thing....every time I had my eye to the viewfinder.  Strong wind does make my eyes water pretty seriously.  Squinting my eyes in the viewfinder of the camera seems to make that worse....why, I have no clue.
This point is such a scenic, beautiful spot, I can sure understand why the old gentleman and his wife lived there all those years.  He was a commercial fisherman, as were his sons.  With most of the point in disarray and really, falling still is an amazing spot.  I took over a hundred photos in the couple of hours I was out there yesterday.  A few of them got "likes" from my Facebook friends that are, that always makes my day. 
This is a view from out on the point looking east.  Since the only time I have been here before was in a kayak, this was new ground.  I really need to get out to this area in a kayak a few more times this coming summer.  Also, I got to see, up close and personal, just how hard the waves whack some of these rocks on the outside of this point.  I am used to being in the shelter of the bay, as a rule.    I took several more shots out here and headed back around in to the bay, just to see what the sky might do.  It did get pretty, with all the small fluffy clouds.  However, it was pretty subtle. to the west side of the bay for a look at what to see over there.
As you can see, there is slight color.  In a large format, you would see some color on the water also.  It was definitely worth having gone here today for the late day sun.  Plus, Toby really loves going to the beach.  But, surprise...surprise.....for the first time since I don't know when, he didn't get in the lake.   Don't you love the profile of the cliffs here.  View from the top of them is really nice too.
Since I wasn't going to have the fabulous sunset I thought I might get when I left...I decided I may as well walk back to the truck and head for home.  You know, whether it is sunrise or sunset.....if there aren't some get no serious color up in the sky.  So, off we went.  Back on the highway and headed for home.  We got out of our little hole where the bay was and on higher ground and came around the corner and OH MY should have seen that amazing sunset that was happening right in front of us.....when I was out chasing one.  I couldn't believe it.  But, where to stop....there was no place except right on the highway.  I got a bit further down the highway and angle was right to see it again.  I know the lady that lives there and I almost tore in there, parked, and ran out with the camera and then went back to explain I wasn't crazy!  But, I guess I was still hoping.  As an afterthought.....I will do that next time....if there is one......I will park and climb on one of those cliffs in a hurry and just take that....even if there are no lake reflections and artistic touches.  It isn't like they last long enough to give you a lot of choices.  Anyway, I finally hit a spot where I could pull off the road and get down on the lake again.  I did.  Big bay here, no cap blew off and was not about to stay on.  I was still just trying to get on that beach and at least catch the sun itself as it disappeared for the day.   The awesome sky was gone....but, I did get a sunset. 
This is one of three.  My sister had noticed that amazing sky on her way home from work in her rearview....she had hoped I had been somewhere to see it.  I asked my husband, when I got home, if he had seen, didn't happen up here.  Just the big grey clouds.  So, sometimes you just have to be thankful to have been in the right place at the right time....and be lucky enough to see it.  You can always have the memory, even if you haven't gotten the fabulous photo.  After all, a good photo isn't always only about is about being in the right place at the right time!


  1. It's your third photo down that I find captivating. Even though so much of the foreground is dark (at least on my computer screen), you captured the colors beautifully.

    Tell Toby I liked the picture of him, too. He's a handsome boy.

  2. That rock wall is dark. It only gets sunlight early in the morning. I have wanted a sharp profile of that for a while and was finally there at the right time to get it. It is striking. Humorous, too, actually! I did take a couple there, horizontal and vertical. Neat.
    Yes, Toby is quite the boy! :)