Sunday, January 13, 2013

January 13, 2013 Sun and ice!

This photo was taken early last week, before the thaw.  Now, my yard is either grass or sheets of ice.  It is just stinkin' nasty out there.  But, we at least are back to seasonal temperatures.  We had 2 degrees this morning, after a few days of rain and mid 30s to 41 degrees.  Let's just say it felt sharp this morning when I was out for my walk with Toby.  At least the sun is shining.
Well, last week was a week of "things" needing to be done.  Lots of running and lots of just puttery, tedious projects and chores needed doing.  They all got done.  This week, I hope to get back at that quilt for one thing.  I haven't decided what other projects I want to get done.  I really want to get started on a new photography web site.  However, it seems like such a big project, I get a bit intimidated about it and don't get past getting on the web site and looking things over, trying to decide what exactly I want to do with this one. 
Back to the ice situation....this morning I watched a couple of deer pussy footing around out there only to fall anyway.  I don't like seeing deer fall.  It is too easy to hurt legs and foot bones.  The first one was a fawn who ended up on her butt with back legs under her as she slid.  Later a doe went down with all four legs flat out from her body.  Not pleasant for them.  There have been noticeably less deer around the last few days and I am sure ice is a big part of the reason.
Last night right about 5:00 I walked by the window watching for the fox that usually comes just at or before dark.  There, at the "fox hole" stood a grey fox.  It was really poor light....but, I knew that the fox at the hole didn't look right.  I  grabbed the binoculars for a better look (they let in more light) at the subject, and sure enough, body build, tail, was a grey fox.  What a fun surprise.  I hope it comes back again when there is better light to see it well.  I have, on occasion, heard of them in the county and even down on the shore in our community.  First one up here by us though!
Just took some lemon bars out of the oven.  I thought while doing other things, like laundry, I might just as well do that.  I haven't quite made up my mind what to do for our Sunday expedition today.  I usually try and go get some interesting photos.  However, frozen mud and little snow isn't really conducive to great photography.  Some of the newly freezing water on top of the ice in the creeks might be interesting.  However, they are also a mess and not necessarily safe today because of the   issues of warmth and all the new water either.  I guess it will be a "what to do" kind of day!
I will leave you with a photo of Toby playing "cute" last night.  When he wants extra attention, he does know how to get it...


  1. Holy Big Buck in the top photo! And if that shot of Toby doesn't look like he's flashing a great, big grin at you, I don't know what does!

    We've seen what we were pretty sure was a gray fox run across the highway one day last year. I'm betting you can lure yours into being a regular visitor.

    Be careful with the footing when you and Toby go out today.

  2. When I was staying up there on my honeymoon lo those many years ago we saw a silver fox running down the MVR when we were driving in after dark one evening (having been out driving around looking for moose) It was one of the only wild animals we saw the entire week we were up there!

  3. Toby and I kept our adventures to the serious woods and deer trails this afternoon. The snow is so crusty, what is left of it, we can walk anywhere on top. We couldn't get across the creek over east as it flooded up too high and is still running. I had planned to take the camera because I thought it might...however, it got so grey and overcast, I knew the photos would look like I didn't. The last time I did that it was a big hike to Kugler's Falls and the photos that should have been so neat were just non-descript blah!