Friday, January 11, 2013

January 11, 2013 Mud season in January!?

Here is what I should be seeing more of!  I took it about a week ago.  It is January, after all.....
Today, it is rainy and foggy out.  What a mess!  We are back to the ice layer from the last time we had rain...sometime in December I believe.  All the snow that has been sticking to that mess is gone and we either have glare ice....and it's nasty slippery.....or we have mud. northern Minnesota.  Can you believe it?  I am so glad I was to the vet in Thunder Bay a few days ago.  If I had waited until the very last minute, I would have been stopping at the car wash and paying to get the mud off before going in to Canada.  They won't let you through the border here, anymore, with layers of mud on your vehicle.  Just ask a number of people who had to go back and get it off before coming through.
Since it is an uninspiring day, weather wise, I have been back to tedious projects today.  I got the new wireless router hooked up and working....the very first time, even.  I was pleased with that.  I got my Minnesota sales tax filed and done except writing the check.  I still do that on paper instead of online.  I got the registration done for the wireless router.  Now, I only have to go back in to Hughes Net and figure out how to do my rebate I was supposed to get if I get on line and do it.  Then.......I can start making new files for all this mess of paper work and forms and new passwords and logins I have in piles all over my desk and make some order of it so I can find them again some day, if and when I need them.  Getting my technology up to speed isn't without some drawbacks, for sure.  But, in the long's worth it......I think.  However, I do like that I can now get something accomplished without reading a chapter in my book between everything I do!
According to the paper, the temperatures are supposed to drop back into the realm of the usual, such as 0 degrees or below the next few days.  That will set up our new layers of ice nicely.  I have no problem with that temperature range..........however, it will feel cold after 41 degrees yesterday with sunshine and 35 degrees today.  Then again.....what is normal, anymore!?
With that......I'm off to try and find that rebate and then clean up this paper!


  1. Hello. Nice to find your blog. I, too, live in Northern Minnesota, not along the Lake, though. This weather is unreal. It's been raining here since last night. Can skate on our road. Look forward to reading more about your life.
    From Glory Farm,

  2. I have standing water in my garden beds. Which is kinda strange in that they usually drain very quickly. Does this mean they are frozen on the bottom? I would have thought the frost would have gone out of them with all this above 32 degree weather we've had. We've got one sharp nearly 90 degree turn on our driveway which makes for excitement coming in or going out. The whole drive (except for one small patch where the sun hits it) is solid ice. There's a big pond forming on top of the snow and ice on our pond. Yuck. Please, Mother Nature, bring back winter with lots of snow to northern Minnesota!

  3. I never even thought to look at the raised beds. But, some of the low spots have standing water. Half the yard and the driveway is a skating rink. Toby and I just got in from our walk. The corner down the road is really nasty now. The mud is worse. Toby is a mess. However, had I walked the woods trails with the ski ruts in them, you know what they would be like when it refreezes. So, sorry, no woods trails today. However, I didn't put my gloves on the whole 2 miles we walked it was so nice out, temperature wise.
    Nice to hear from you, too, Rhonda! :)