Thursday, December 13, 2012

Winter is definitely here! December 13, 2012

This is a pretty common sight in the yard these days.  The rut is over so it isn't serious; just some who's the boss this morning stuff.  They are both young 8 point bucks, so pretty evenly matched.  However, when the big guy, "Skinny Butt," comes along.....everybody just kind of moves aside and stays out of his way.  He isn't in the least bit aggressive toward any of them.  However, he has such an amazing rack....he doesn't even have to do his side ways move or turn his head sideways, or any of the tricks deer do to let someone else know they want their space.  They see him strolling over there and just move out of the way.
We have had a lot of snow days already this week.  None of them have been all that serious.....just light fluffy snow.  But, as you can see in the photo, it keeps doing it.  I should have very good skiing in a week or so if it keeps up.  At present, although I am skiing, a few roots need a bit more padding yet.
As for "Skinny Butt," he is here for the winter now......I am quite sure.  When I come in to the living room or kitchen in the morning, he generally is watching the window or the "magic door" to see if I am coming to give him his morning treat yet.  This morning, I must have been 5 minutes later than usual....he was right by the door.....staring at it......wishing it to open and give him his goodie!  Too funny.  I hope this buck stays around for a good number of years yet.  I like his majestic presence and am not always so fortunate to have a big guy that isn't standoffish.  He is always very punctual for the afternoon treats too.  Yes, he knows when life is good!
Then, there are the antics that make you laugh......just because.  Yesterday, I was watching one of the does over by the plowed up snow pile.  First, she was just digging the heck out of it with one front hoof.  Then, she would jump in the air, twisting and turning, and land in the pile of snow.  My husband and I were both watching her play like a little kid in the snow.  She did it a number of times too.  They never cease to amaze me with their play and games out here.
Who needs TV?!  I can just look out my window and see better stuff than what is on TV anymore.  Commercial free......too!
These little guys, which are quite numerous now, also can be a stitch some times.  This one was sitting here on the deck railing the other day is the snow storm just seriously eating.  Day before, he was running up the steps, on to the deck railing, grabbing one seed, off down the steps and out to the grass to hide his one seed.  He made many trips doing this.  Then, of course, you have the scraps between the squirrels...who both want the same feeder.....and that ain't going to happen!  They were pretty scarce for a while as there was a good supply of cones for them to cut.  Those piles are by their holes and handy for when they need them.  But for the "now".......a few good seeds are nice.
Critters......such wonderful little beings.  So many, so thankful for what they are given......

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