Saturday, December 15, 2012

December 15, 2012 Guns & Things....

No pretty picture today.  After yesterday's shooting, I decided, just once, to get my dander up and talk a little politics and WTH is the matter with the people in this country today.  The "yesterday" issue, is all the children, 5-8 years old, and adults too, shot at the elementary school in Connecticut.  If you know me well, you know some issues can and will get my dander up....but, not to the point of shooting people about it.  And, if some people don't like what I have to say today.....well, truth hurts sometimes and so do opinions...some of both will be discussed.  But, maybe it will make you think too.    And.......that ain't a bad thing.
For those who do know me well, you will also know I am a gun person.  I have used and handled guns by myself and in groups since I was 11 or 12 years old.  I am now 60!  And you know what, none of my guns have ever gotten up of their own free will and started shooting people.  I started out with a single shot .410 when I was about go partridge hunting with.  I evolved in to 12 gauge shotguns  and rifles and also several handguns, all of which I can use very efficiently.  But, they have a purpose when I use them.....and it isn't going out shooting the heck out of everyone in sight!
In this day and age of too many wolves around, I hardly ever go out without carrying a handgun.  I have taken the concealed carry classes twice and know a fair amount about issues involved in carrying.  So, I carry.  My dog's safety in the woods or trails these days is important to me.  You may recall in July I met the whole dang wolf pack on my county road when I was out for my morning walk with my dog.   However, that isn't the issue right now.
What should be in people's minds is......what is happening with the mentality of the people in this country that they think it is ok to go out and make a statement (or whatever the heck they are doing) by randomly shooting a bunch of innocent people, adults or kids?  Right away the take the guns away group are wanting more gun laws.  Well, guess what....we have more than enough laws.  Maybe we should start with the one both God and the government made: "Thou shalt not kill!"  That one has been in effect for all time.  Does it stop anyone...........NO! 
Back in the day, people shot each other.  Did that make it right.....probably not.  However, whether a perceived wrong, a lover's quarrel, a mob was by someone at a specific person.  It was not a random act of violence for no apparent reason whatsoever. the whys.  One thing I have noticed in todays' society accountability.  This happens with everyone from the small town happenings to the top layers of our body is responsible or held accountable.  (Take "Fast and Furious" for a good example.....don't tell me no one knows who gave the orders and was responsible-some one knows and they ought to man up about it.)  From the time children are little these days, anymore, too many are set in front of a video game, usually a violent one at that, and that's what they do.  No chores, no responsibility, nothing.  Why?  Is it because parents don't care what their kids do or become?  Are they so centered in themselves they don't pay attention.  Or, if they do.....they, now little johnny, you shouldn't do that.  Well, oh my.....the kid is really going to be upset about that, isn't he.  No consequences if the parent does make a statement if the kid is doing something he/she shouldn't.  And....don't get me wrong, there are some parents in our community who raise some wonderful, responsible, moral kids.  They are wonderful people.  But, then there are some others.  I have personally seen some of the others to the point as the kid grew into a rebellious teen, they were actually frightened of their own kid. 
People, we need to raise our kids to be responsible, accountable, ethical, moral and have a conscience.  If and when we start doing this, maybe our kids will not be out there shooting other kids.  Our society has become one of so much violence and sex in everything that bombards our kids on a daily basis, I think we all become immune to it because it is the norm, rather than the exception.  So, what to do about it......well, start out by telling your own kid you love them.  Give them chores and responsibility.  If they don't do it,  make consequences.....such as no video games for a week.....whatever it takes.  But, give them things to do and make sure they do them.  Being a responsible kid who appreciates what he has because he had to work for it isn't a bad thing.  Giving them everything, just because.......isn't.  Pay attention to them. 
I do, honestly, feel very sorry for all the parents out there who just lost their kids.  That kind of hurt doesn't go away.  But let's start going at some of these issues from where they are generated.....and one if them isn't making more useless laws that can't be enforced anyway.


  1. Well said, my friend. This post AND the next one about being grateful. :) Consider yourself hugged.

    1. Thank you. I was going to get in to mental health issues....but, figured I might be in over my head there. That is a lot of what this is about. But you know where the media goes first....
      Not saying we shouldn't get in to the thing about the huge magazines on the assault weapons, which the average joe doesn't need, but it isn't the main thing. In that same time frame, there were two instances of people using a knife. They may live, or have a slower death....but, if someone is will happen. Another friend is easier to buy an assault weapon than to get treated for mental issues. That's sad.