Monday, December 10, 2012

December 10, 2012 An old friend returns

 An old friend returned yesterday.  It was snowing and I saw him coming across the field.  He stopped to nibble some alfalfa, looked around a bit......and headed over to the "magic door."
I saw him coming, of course, thought he looked familiar, although his antlers really grew this past year.....but, I thought he was dead.  Last year, in October of 2011, he was around for several days before deer season started.  Then, he disappeared, not to be seen around our yard all winter.  With all the deer hunters and wolves around.....after several years of his company, what would you think?  Well, I went to the other window, as did my husband......and he said "well, should I go open the magic door."  Well, I sure as heck is him.  I still was having a hard time believing who I was seeing.  He went and opened the door, gave him some treats.....such a happy he was never gone.  When you are treated well, you remember.  He, also, is the only buck who ever did that.  Some of my does, as I have mentioned, are very good at sticking their noses right on the window and leaving little nose smears all the time.  They try real hard to get my attention when I am working down in the basement. 
Well, about husband says down the are being paged!  I looked, and there he was.......back in time for the evening snack.  This time, he was right up to the door, looking at it so expectantly.  So, I opened the magic door and he was happy.  He would have eaten is obvious he has had a busy fall by the looks of how lean he is and all the little broken points and tines; however, not a good idea.  Too much rich good food when you aren't used to it gives you a few other issues for a few days.  Plus the fact he always was lean in the hind quarters anyway.  Hence his name..."Skinny Butt."  Names always fit the animal.  He had to go back to the alfalfa pile and be content. 
This morning, I was up, making the coffee and watching the girls arrive.  Pretty soon, here comes my guy.  It may have been over a year, but he well remembers the drill.  And, let me tell you.....he wasn't missing any tricks this morning.  He made sure he saw what was new and where any new treat spots might be.  I think Shadow has a bit of competition for my favors now.  Shadow will always be my girl, however; the girls are a bit intimidated by the big boys coming too close to them and defer.
Hopefully, he is going to spend a long, happy winter with us in the valley again.
Here is a close up of his magnificent self.  In such a small format, you still can't see much, but you get the idea. 

Here he is, standing and staring at the "magic door" the first time.  Yes, it is really fun to have a big guy around again.  I am sure if he stays, you will see more pictures of him on a sunny day.


  1. Skinny Butt?? You guys couldn't do any better? :)

  2. Well, when he was younger, he had a really skinny butt. Even as he grew, as soon as he started losing weight, that's where it came off. Early winter when he would first come, his pelvic bones would be sticking up. He, to this day, is pretty light in the hind quarters. He has a lot on his head, but meat would be somewhat lacking, I think. It takes him til spring to fatten up a bit.