Tuesday, November 6, 2012

November 6, 2012 Rainy November Days

Well......it is day 4 of hunting season.  The girls are all well and staying close by.  You see various poses like this all around the house and on the mound.  They do seem to look pretty much at peace with the world when they are laying out here.  The "boys" are hot to trot......but, not seeing any evidence of the "girls" being ready yet.   It is always a pleasure to go out the door and be greeted by all their faces.  If someone is late for treats, they generally come looking to see which window they can spot me in.  If I go outside, they come running.  Miz Spectacles and her look-a-like fawn were late today ..... so, when I came in from my walk with Toby, she was waiting.  I went and got the bucket of treats and held it out to her and she started gobbling.  Most won't go for that, but "my" girls who rate, will......and if they don't.....they go without.  Because!?......you ask......if they don't get it that way,  and I put it on the ground......everyone wants more.......and, that isn't going to happen.  Some of the "pets" are the less aggressive deer.  They get kicked out of their spot and the more aggressive deer gets the treats.  Shadow, after all these years, and 4 sets of fawns, has finally gotten the idea.  Zoe is about the only one she can't run off.  They all get to live and learn, I guess.
As I am typing, the buck....who I have taken photos of twice now, just showed up.  No one seems too interested in him today either.
I am....maybe I should go hunting.....wonder where he is going from here!!!
I took advantage of the rainy day to go to town and do errands and get a freezer.  Since I am now retired, I have more time to do the home things....gardens....etc.  I filled the old freezer with vegies and fruit.  I have NO room for venison.  So....on the chance one of us is going to get lucky out there one of these days.....no time like the present to go get that done, clean up a spot for it and get it going.   Got it done!  :)
On another note, the wolf hunting season is going better than I expected.  I believe we are at something like 50 wolves taken already.  In the cases the paper wrote about...there were multiple wolves when one was shot.  This means, I hope, we are on the way to our "educating the wolves" again about what it means to be around people.  The guy who registered the first one had 4 come out in the bunch.  The one he shot had mange.  The second one I saw written up had two in the group he shot one of.  Hopefully, the others also were multiples also.  Then, we are accomplishing something beneficial.  The article today actually admitted that our population of 3.000 wolves probably expands to 6,000 in the spring when they have pups!  Duh.....I was wondering when that was going to occur to someone.  A population of 3,000 doesn't stay that number indefinitely.  When you consider that a good many packs are 4 animals and then multiply that by how many pups the alpha female has.....guess what.....that adds a lot of wolves each year.  Yes,  I realize some die.  Some get hit by cars.  Some are killed by government trappers each year.....but, not that many.  As far as I know, nobody has shot at "my" area pack yet.  I'm hoping. 
Well.....it appears the rain isn't going to quit for some time yet....and it is pretty dark and grey.....so, I might just as well put on some rain gear and get in the afternoon walk.  Maybe I will sneak up on a buck.....no that the rain quieted down the noisy leaves. 


  1. We don't give the deer the special treatment you do but we've noticed our regulars are still around and not seeming especially agitated or upset since deer season opened. No bucks in sight though.

    1. When you have a pet, "Shadow" that loves the ear rubs and extra attention, it is hard to not give some of the other girls a bit too. They all tend to get jealous. Shadow, however, likes being the only "special" deer. Now that she is older, she stands up for herself and is more assertive. It has been interesting to watch her grow. :)