Sunday, November 4, 2012

November 4, 2012 Deer season

It's opening of deer season in Minnesota.  Yes, I am a deer hunter and I have been out....freezing my butt off this it is just damp and raw out there.  The temperature is 22 degrees, same as yesterday morning, north wind both days.....but, just hard to stay warm today.  It has been dry lately so my favorite form of hunting.....just wandering around on deer trails and areas they hang out in....doesn't work too well.  The leaves are all crunchy and noisy and no amount of pussy footing makes it quiet.  I also have found out, over the years, that acting like you are sneaking around just makes them suspicious of you.  Just walk like you know what and where you are going and they just keep an eye on you.  Stop and think about doing matter your thoughts.....and all of a sudden a deer jumps up and runs that you had just walked by.  So it goes.....always a learning experience when you are out in the woods and encountering critters. 
The chunky 8 point buck in the photo at the top of this page was in the yard trying to chase does two days before deer season.  It was so dark and gray, it was really hard to get a decent photo as he was always moving and the telephoto lens made them blurry.  None of the "girls" wanted to cooperate, so he went about having some grass and clover for breakfast. 
This girl above, though.....Miz Spectacles by name.....because of those big white eye rings.....just follows me around the yard wishing I would pay more attention to her and give her more treats.  It makes me wonder how I can even think about shooting some "venison" for my winter food supply.  I have always done it.....I guess, for the time being, I will continue.  But, I'll tell you what......having all these pets does make it difficult.  Saturday morning there were 14 does and fawns laying by the house and on the mound, all trying to be safe.  This morning, there were 16!  The wolves are making them really hang close.  My neighbor, the only non-hunting one anymore....said while I was gone, the girls all came over and laid around in his  yard to be near the people.  They had figured out we weren't home.  Did I ever tell you......critters aren't stupid.  Anyway, when I walk back into the yard, I always tell them, it's's just me.  Then, they settle right down once they know who and what it is.  They will lay and watch us work in the yard or the more tame ones.....Shadow or Zoe or Fancy's Girl or Miz Spectacles.....Red Doe too, these see if they can con you into another treat or an early one.  They are too funny.  So, I get plenty of exercise walking way up the hill north or way east of the house.....where none of my girls can hopefullly find me while I am trying to get one of the boys.  So it goes.....deer hunting is an interesting proposition anymore. 
Well, I have thawed out from the mornings hikes and sits.....I did have one walk by me this morning.....too many small balsams to see it tho it was, it's time to get back out there to see what else I can find. 
I should mention, yesterday while I was out I had a red-backed vole along side me, coming in and out of a rotten, hollow popple.  It was so dang cute.  It even did the wash his whiskers with his front paws thing.  It was going in and out of a little knot hole in the side and would watch me with just its face looking out of the hole.  It was so chubby it was just about round.  It made me wonder how its fat little butt even fit in and out that hole. did.  A cute distraction while waiting for bigger game!
Ain't nature grand.......

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