Saturday, November 10, 2012

November 10, 2012 Blustery snowy day!

This is a new little buck who showed up in our yard two days check out the girls.  He is cute.  Most of the mature does are bigger than he is too.  So it goes.....I go out and hike all over heck and up the hills.  I come home and walk in the house, a buck walks in the yard.  This morning, the regular 8 point buck beat me home.  He has been laying under a tree, watching the girls.  The little buck fawn is so curious about him.  He has been following him all over the yard.  Shadow went for a hike yesterday afternoon and isn't back yet; so I guess things are going to start to happen.  The boys have been ready.....but, makes no difference if the girls aren't. 
I always enjoy seeing all the end of season flowers glowing in the sun this time of year.  These are asters.  The goldenrods are pretty and have such huge seed tops.  The virgin bowers probably have the most interesting seed heads here....I do have photos of them......just not current.  They can be quite a sight to see when you find a big vine of them hanging all over the trees.  It is just fun being out, seeing what you can discover.
I discovered this wonderful stump top of fungi growing in an old clear cut the other day.  It was so pretty I actually went back with the camera the next day (yesterday) when the sun was shining and took some photos of it.  They aren't as bright on this blog photo as they are, but you get the idea.
Well....I think I am going to take advantage of this nasty weather today and bake some cookies and do some other chores too.  Maybe the wind and snow will let up later and make it a bit more pleasant to be outside.  :)

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