Tuesday, November 13, 2012

November 13, 2012 Sunny November Day!

You know......sunny days in November are often so few and far between, when you have one, it makes you pretty inspired.  You also know, if it is clear, it is probably not warm.  20 degrees this a.m. but the wind is what is cool.  I was out the door early for my 2 mile hike with Toby.  Home, made breakfast, cleaned up things, and got on with daily chores.  Filling the bird feeders for the expanded selection of birds eating out of them is one of the early chores.  Of course, there is Shadow's girl fawn to stand under the tube feeder a good part of each day and eat what the birds drop.  She spent a good share of the day there while Shadow was out chasing with the boys.  My husband is cutting venison today so I have had the vacuum sealer busy and putting it in the freezer.  We had part of the liver last night and it was good and tender.   If liver is ever good and tender (anyway), it was that!  Then, off to the local store to use their high speed.  I was told of a new e-letter that advertises in Thunder Bay so I thought I might just as well try to get an ad in that since people from there generally show up at our art and craft festival and holiday sale.  One thing leads to another, as always.  I was there, so I headed over to my brother's to take their dog for a walk.  Being his kids are off early,  and he was in the big city recuperating from a burst appendix that he had last night, I knew no one would be around to walk that big, loveable dog.  So, off we went and did another couple of miles.  Once home, after stopping at the post office, we had to look at the news and mail just a bit before getting back with the processing of the venison.  But, we have that part done for the day.  Husband is off trying to find a deer worthy of making more venison out of.  I am doing this before we go for our final walk of the day.  I am sure Toby will be hunting hard for a grouse today, since it is so pleasant out right now. 
So, now you know....life in the north woods isn't only fun and games and taking photos.  Although, that is a nice thought.  But, since I wasn't born rich and famous, I guess I have to continue on with the daily chores and putting up food for the long winter months ahead.  I guess, in another time and place, I would have made a good homesteader.  I don't mind doing all those things one needs to do to get by.  I would, though, miss not having electricity.  Freezers are so much handier that doing all the canning one would need to do.  So, as long as our gadgets work, life is good.  When you depend on the electrical gadgets and things don't work, things can get nasty and frustrating in a hurry.
Well, the sun is shining....time for a walk.  Toby is waiting.   :)


  1. I was just saying the other day that the greatest invention for the homemaker is the freezer. I said aloud, "What would we do without our freezers?" My husband shot back, "Can a lot." Ain't that the truth!

    If you can find any more of that sunshine, please send it down this way, okay? We've been pretty gray and dismal.

  2. Will do. Looks pretty dismal today. :)